Getting confused in defining the destination for your long holiday? And do you want to make a very impressive holiday so that it will not be forgettable experiences you have along your live? The first thing, just think about the preparation for it! Prepare all the things which will be needed in supporting your holidays.

If you want to go to the mountain, beach, or lake, you should prepare all the equipments related to it. But if you want to get light holiday like visiting some cultural tourism, not many things you need. And if you have decided where you should go, decide which city or country you should visit.

I warrant you not to hurry first, save your money by deciding your holiday in the Indonesia Java International.

If you want to enjoy all the tourism objects in Java Islands, I may give you a little suggestion. If you want to start from the east side, you may land your plane in the Surabaya. You may pass trough the amazing Suramadu Bridge intentionally, and then get back. There are many charming tourism in East Java. You may go to the traditional markets and buy some souvenirs and special traditional foods in the East Java.

If you want to feel the beauty of the natural tourism, you may go to the Mount Bromo, and many other like beach, and the others challenging mountain to see. You may also go to the Safari Park to see the wealth of the fauna and flora in Indonesia.

Source by Fadli Fr Rizal

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