World Class Diving Sites in Sri Lanka

Often referred to as the Pearl of the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka is an incredible place for world-class snorkelling and diving! Enclosed by a beautiful palm-rimmed coastline, there are many diving sites which provide spectacular sights ranging from abundant species of tropical fish and other marine life to breathtaking shipwrecks, making this beautiful tropical island […]

Aruba Adventures

Excursions by land and sea: A feel for all the special adventures Aruba has to offer families, couples, groups of friends, single explorers and tourists of all ages flock to Aruba for its endless array of activities under the Caribbean sun. For visitors looking to venture beyond their beach blanket, Aruba offers dozens of land […]

Dubai Hotel Guide – Hotels in Dubai For All Likings and Budgets

Planning a stay in Dubai for your business meeting or family vacation? Not a problem! Being the newest and preferred business and tourist destination of the world, Dubai offers a wide variety of hotels and accommodations. Hundreds of hotels ranging from cheap hotels to the world’s only 7 star hotel (Burj Al Arab) are scattered […]

Darjeeling: A Vacationing Paradise

Darjeeling is often referred to as the queen of hills. Situated in the eastern Himalayas in the state of West Bengal, is a dream destination for all travelers who love nature. Many say that traveling in India without visiting this super hill town. It’s surrounded by scenic snow clad peaks on all the sites. It’s […]

A Rainy Day in Kintamani

This hill town has a unique and magnificent beauty yet somehow fails to attract the visitors it deserves mostly because of a reputation for having hawkers roaming around like flies. Deserved or not, forewarned is forearmed. Many people like to go to Kintamani via Ubud, but I prefer to go via Badung Regency passing through […]

The Most Popular Tourist Attractions of Abu Dhabi

Dubai is not the only United Arab Emirate which is a fast growing travel destination as more and more travelers are now visiting Abu Dhabi as well. This wonderful tourist destination has a lot to offer its visitors and you certainly won’t get bored during your stay. If you are planning a visit then there […]

Hindu Car Blessings on Penang Island

When you are in Penang you can sometimes witness a unique Hindu Car blessings ceremony. The ceremony is conducted by a Hindu priest at the Temple ground itself. This blessing ceremony is widely practiced by the Indians and Chinese. This is multicultural harmony played out in daily routines. A popular place where this ceremony is […]

North India Tour Packages For a Perfect Vacation

The beautiful country of India is really vast and beautiful, North India being no exception. The North of India has many tourist attractions that guarantee you some of the best travel destinations ranging from hill stations, snow capped mountains of the Himalayas, deserts of Rajasthan and a host of cultural destinations. The capital city of […]

5 Exotic Places To Visit In Taiwan

If you want to visit a location that is exotic and has fantastic scenery, Taiwan is the answer for you. An island country, Taiwan is home to a prime Southeast Asian culture, tasty cuisines, amazing climate, and numerous forest parts and festivals. The capital city of Taipei boasts of vibrant culture and entertainment. Taiwanese cuisine […]

Athens, the Travel Guide

The history of Athens dates back to the history of the Greek civilization. Known as the home to Gods, Goddesses and many Heroes, Athens still holds a very important place in the history of the westerns world. However, over the past few years Greece and Athens are referred more for the recession. Yet it is […]