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Cheapflyme is an independent travel adviser and travel blog where you can read any travel tips and also make a travel booking, especially for hotels and flights. We have connected with many travel booking companies, so you can search and compare travel accommodation prices to get the cheapest. This travel booking service is provided for free without any charge. A fresh and honest approach for your travel booking partner.

We want you to have a realistic idea of how much your trip will cost – entry fees, taxes, transport, meals and all. In contrast, many travel agents do everything possible to ensure the quote looks less expensive, leaving you to pick up the extras later on. What’s more, you can alter our itineraries at no extra cost, something other travel agents rarely offer.

We aim to take our guests to some of the most interesting and unique regions of the world, areas that are not yet on the ever growing tourist trail and that still offer something very special to the experienced traveller. We escape from the crowds into a world where the tourist is not all powerful, where the experiences are truly authentic, and where you have the opportunity to take yourself just that little bit out of your comfort zone and immerse yourself in the real nature of a country.

Cheapflyme is owned and staffed by people for whom travel is not simply an interesting job, but an all-consuming passion. We believe that travel should not simply be a business, but a way of exploring and understanding the world and the diverse cultures that inhabit our planet.

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