Flying is probably going to be the most expensive part of your trip. Depending on where you go, flights can cost up to $3000.00 or more! Therefore it is always wise to shop around to find the best possible deals on airplane flights. Even better than getting best deals is to get free air tickets. Nowadays with more competition in the airline industries, there are actually legitimate ways to fly for free. Here are 3 proven methods on how to fly for free.

Method #1: Low Cost Budget Airlines

Nowadays there are numerous no frills, low cost budget airlines all over the world. The reason why these budget airlines can be so cheap is that they basically provide you with the basic service, which is your ticket to board the plane. Any other services, such as check in luggage, food, drinks, and entertainment will cost you extra. This is how they can keep the prices low. Furthermore competition in this industry plays a huge part in the pricing.

Because of numerous airlines entering the budget market, there are a lot of price wars going on, to the point that they will offer free tickets in some instances. Normally these budget airlines will have numerous promotions throughout the year, so you must keep a look out for them and act fast, as the promotions usually get snatched up very quickly.

Method #2: Collect Air Miles

Many airline companies provide extra benefits to their customers by providing them with air miles programs. This acts as an incentive for customers to continue travelling with the same airline in order to accumulate points in their air miles program. Basically the more points you accumulate, then it can eventually qualify for a free plane ticket depending on the destination you choose. Usually the airline company will have a rewards calendar to let you know how many points you would need to get for each destination in the world.

Method #3: Two for One Special

Often airline companies have promotions for certain destinations where they encourage two or more travelers traveling together. This is commonly known as two for one specials, or companion travel specials. Usually if you buy one ticket, then the second ticket can be free, or at a huge discount. This is often very useful for couples traveling together.

These are very practical methods on how to fly for free. Nothing feels better than to be able to secure a good deal on a free flight, as it will help you save significantly in your trip. The more money you can save on your flight, then the more money you can actually spend on other things on your trip such as food and shopping.

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