India is an incalculable land and there are so many Tourist Attraction places you can vacation. From North to South, East to West there are more than a few tourist places which you can see, each more beautiful than the other. Even if you are on a long visit, these are the ones which you must not overlook.

India is a country full of tourist attractive places. India is in nature seventh biggest and second most famous country in the world. It exhibit continuous array of visitor’s attractions that is why a huge number of visitors reserve flights to India every year. These attractions have made India best tourist places around the Globe. India attractions are so beautiful that it’s not possible to describe all those here; a brief explanation of a few most famous tourist destinations is given below;

1. Taj Mahal:

The Taj Mahal is globally famous and suggestive sight in Agra, India. This is such a wonderful land mark that visitors reserve low-priced flights to India from UK, with tickets to India mostly to take a tour to this historical and architecture master piece, construct about four hundred years ago. Taj Mahal was constructed by Shah Jahan in memory of his beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal. The Taj Mahal is untrue most frequently in terms of Islamic architecture, and is representative of Shah Jahan’s strong interest in building and artistic innovation.

2. Goa

Goa is located on the western seaside of the Indian peninsula. India’s most fashionable beach resort lures passionate touristers from all over the world. Goa is truly a traveller’s happiness as it offers an array of visual pleasure in the form of its beaches, forts and churches. Goa has a fair temperature showing insignificant variations in different seasons. After the Andamans, come the Goa beaches in attractiveness. Be here and enjoy the best.

3. Khajuraho Temples

The popular Khajuraho temple is situated in Madhya Pradesh. Khajuraho is a beautiful village with an old-fashioned, rural ambience and a rich cultural legacy. The architectural work is based on a theme (women), not like other temples. The difficulty achieve in jumble, hairstyles, clothes repeat the amazing skill of the artisans. Khajuraho is a well visited tourist center. This village houses more than a few temples built in the Indo Aryan Angara style of architecture. Temples of Khajuraho have enthralled the notice of a visitor with their marvelous art.

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