With thousands of miles of coastline to explore, visiting beaches in the United States is a great way to take in the natural beauty that this country has to offer. From the palm tree-lined beaches of California to the rocky shores of Maine, there are beaches out there for every interest and preference. You can enjoy some of the world’s most beautiful shorelines on a family-friendly vacation, romantic getaway or adventure-filled trip.

With so many beaches to visit, it can be difficult to decide where to go. So, we’ve narrowed the field by having a panel of experts nominate their 20 favorite beaches across three regions. Now, you get to rank the 10 best in each one by voting for your top picks. Voting ends on Monday, May 22 at noon ET, and you can vote once per day, per category.

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Best Beach in the Northeast

From rocky shores to soft sands, which Northeast beach gets your vote? — Photo courtesy of iStock / kyletperry

Beaches in the Northeast offer a variety of attractions for travelers who love the sun, sand and sea. Whether you prefer a lively boardwalk with amusement parks and ice cream shops or a secluded cove with natural beauty and wildlife, you can find your perfect beach destination. From Maine to Maryland, there are plenty of options to suit every taste and budget.

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Best Beach in the South

Are you a fan of the Gulf or the Atlantic?Are you a fan of the Gulf or the Atlantic? — Photo courtesy of E+ / Crystal Bolin Photography

Beaches in the Southern United States are beloved for their warm waters, soft sands and multitude of activities. Whether you want to enjoy water sports, wildlife watching, shelling, swimming or sunbathing, you can find a beach that matches your preferences. From Virginia to Texas, there are hundreds of miles of coastline to explore, with beaches ranging from lively and boisterous to secluded national parks.

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Best Beach on the West Coast

Which West Coast beach is your fave?Which West Coast beach is your fave? — Photo courtesy of E+ / Ron and Patty Thomas

Beaches on the West Coast of the country are known for their scenic beauty, diverse landscapes and vibrant culture. It’s easy to find a beach that has exactly what you’re looking for, whether you want to surf, sail, swim, hike or simply relax on the sand. With over 1,000 miles of coastline, beaches range from rugged and rocky to sandy and sunny.

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Remember, you can vote once per day in each category. The 10 nominees with the most votes in each category will be announced on 10Best.com on Friday, June 2.

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