Located on the East Coast of the United States, North Carolina is a state that’s rich in both cultural and natural variety. From the soaring Appalachian mountains to vibrant cities and idyllic coastal landscapes, its diversity leaves every visitor awestruck. Here are all the salient things North Carolina is well known for.

Foods North Carolina is Known For

Calabash Seafood

Calabash, a small fishing town in North Carolina, has given its name to the state’s distinct seafood preparation style. Defined by lightly breaded and fried seafood, “Calabash-style” has become a cherished part of North Carolina’s coastal culinary tradition. This unique approach to seafood helps draw visitors year after year, making Calabash not just a place, but an experience that embodies the essence of North Carolinian hospitality and cuisine.


Livermush is a North Carolinian culinary artifact, predominantly known in the state’s western region. This humble yet flavorful dish, made from pig liver, head parts, and cornmeal, showcases North Carolina’s tradition of nose-to-tail eating. A staple in local breakfasts, either fried or spread on bread, livermush has sparked festivals and cook-offs celebrating this beloved local delicacy. Though often overlooked by outsiders, it holds a cherished place in North Carolina’s cultural and culinary identity.

Eastern North Carolina Style Barbecue

Eastern North Carolina-style barbecue is revered for its distinct preparation. This style involves slow-cooking a whole hog over a pit, till it achieves a tender, succulent texture. What truly sets it apart is the “mop sauce” — a vinegar and pepper-based concoction — liberally applied during and post-cooking, imparting a tangy, spicy flavor. The result, frequently served chopped with coleslaw, encapsulates the celebration of community and simplicity in North Carolina’s food culture.

Fried Green Tomatoes

Fried green tomatoes, a staple in Southern cuisine, hold a special place in North Carolina’s food culture. This dish, made from unripe tomatoes coated in cornmeal and fried to a golden crisp, combines a perfect balance of tartness and crunchiness. Whether served as a side dish, atop a pimento cheeseburger or with a buttermilk dressing, fried green tomatoes remain a sought-after local comfort food. Their widespread popularity within North Carolina signifies the state’s enduring relationship with farm-fresh produce and traditional cooking methods.

Hush Puppies

Hush puppies, golden-brown orbs of fried cornmeal batter, are a revered part of North Carolina’s culinary tapestry. Originally, this simple, yet delectable side dish was made from the leftover batter of fried fish and served with North Carolina’s iconic barbecues and seafood meals. Named for their utility in “hushing the puppies” during cookouts, hush puppies have gone from being a resourceful concoction to a beloved mainstay in North Carolina food culture, celebrated for their crispy exterior and soft, warm center.

What is North Carolina’s Signature Drink?

Cherry Bounce

Cherry Bounce is a traditional North Carolinian beverage dating back to the 18th century. This smooth, sweet, and ruby-colored concoction is made by infusing cherries, sugar, and spirits — typically brandy, rum, or whiskey —and allowing this mixture to macerate over several months. The result is a preserved burst of cherry flavor with a potent kick. Whether enjoyed in sips during the Christmas season, or as a cordial year-round, Cherry Bounce remains a cherished link to North Carolina’s historical beverage-making traditions.

Companies North Carolina is Known For

Texas Pete

Although its name implies otherwise, Texas Pete, the beloved hot sauce offering a versatile dose of heat, found its roots in Winston-Salem, North Carolina in 1929. Contrary to its name, this Southern staple adds a signature zing to various dishes, from traditional North Carolinian barbecue to everyday cooking. Manufactured by the TW Garner Food Company, Texas Pete has become synonymous with the state’s identity, cherished by residents and visitors alike for almost a century.

Krispy Kreme

Krispy Kreme, the famous doughnut company, was born in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, in 1937. Its sweet, warm, and fluffy glazed doughnuts have become synonymous with Southern indulgence. From its humble beginnings as a local bakery, Krispy Kreme has grown into an international brand with a cult-like following, yet North Carolina remains proud to claim it as one of its own iconic culinary treasures.

Mt. Olive Pickles

Born from the small farming community of Mount Olive, North Carolina in 1926, Mt. Olive Pickle Company has grown into the best-selling pickle brand in the USA. Its distinctly tart and crunchy pickles have come to symbolize North Carolinian culinary tradition. The company’s success has had a profound impact on its namesake town, culminating in the annual New Year’s Eve Pickle Drop that celebrates this enduring heritage.


Bojangles, a Southern chain primarily known for its distinctive, Cajun-spiced fried chicken and buttermilk biscuits, holds a significant place in North Carolina’s culinary landscape. Founded in Charlotte, North Carolina in 1977, it delightfully encapsulates the state’s soul food culture. Its widespread popularity resonates through over 750 locations across the Southeastern United States, making “Bo-Time” a cherished ritual for many North Carolinians.


Pepsi-Cola, one of the world’s most recognized beverage brands, originated in New Bern, North Carolina. Pharmacist Caleb Bradham invented the drink, initially touted as a health tonic, in his pharmacy in 1898. Pepsi’s remarkable journey from its humble North Carolinian beginnings to a renowned global brand underscores the state’s innovative spirit. The original site of Bradham’s pharmacy is now home to the Pepsi Store, celebrating the drink’s rich history.


Cheerwine, with its iconic cherry flavor, is a distinct soft drink first created in Salisbury, North Carolina in 1917. Outlasting many competitors, it has thrived through maintaining its unique taste. Cheerwine’s deep-rooted North Carolinian heritage resonates among locals and visitors alike. Today, while the fizzy delight has made headway into national markets, it remains a cherished symbol of North Carolina’s vibrant culinary scene.

Places and Cities North Carolina is Known For


Raleigh, the capital of North Carolina, is known for its vibrant energy, rich history, and educational opportunities. It forms the Research Triangle with Durham and Chapel Hill, hosting renowned universities and tech hubs. Numerous museums, historical sites, and performing arts venues reflect Raleigh’s cultural depth. Nature lovers can explore numerous parks and trails, while foodies enjoy distinct Southern cuisine. Raleigh seamlessly blends traditional and modern, making it a must-visit destination for all interests.


Set against the backdrop of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Asheville, North Carolina, is known for its eclectic charm, vibrant arts scene, and stunning landscapes. The city’s heart is its bustling downtown, filled with art galleries, locally-owned boutiques, and culinary adventures. Attractions like the Biltmore Estate and a thriving craft beer scene complement Asheville’s appeal. Outdoor lovers can indulge in numerous hiking trails, mesmerizing mountain views, and the scenic Blue Ridge Parkway. With its unique blend of culture and nature, Asheville offers a truly unforgettable visitor experience.

Outer Banks

The Outer Banks, a 200-mile stretch of barrier islands off North Carolina’s coast, offers a retreat into serene natural landscapes. Equally known for its stunning beaches, historic lighthouses, and wild horses, the Outer Banks is a paradise for beachgoers and history enthusiasts alike. This region was also the setting for the Wright brothers’ pioneering flight. Whether you’re seeking a tranquil getaway or a dose of history, the Outer Banks deliver a unique coastal experience.


With a nod to Southern charm and a look towards the future, Charlotte, North Carolina, embodies a dynamic blend of tradition and innovation. As the state’s largest city, it’s a leading financial hub, while also offering rich cultural experiences with museums, galleries, and an exciting culinary scene. Sports fans enjoy home games from the NFL’s Panthers and the NBA’s Hornets, while nature lovers relish the area’s many parks and lakes. Charlotte’s diversity – in its culture, recreation, and opportunities – creates a vibrant urban environment.

Great Smoky Mountains

The Great Smoky Mountains, straddling North Carolina and Tennessee, are the majestic centerpiece of America’s most visited national park. Famous for their misty, blue-tinged peaks, these mountains also host a remarkable abundance of plant and animal life. Hikers, cyclists, and nature lovers are drawn to its hundreds of trails, waterfalls and the scenic Blue Ridge Parkway. The area’s rich cultural history, with preserved log cabins, churches and mills, offers a fascinating glance into Appalachian heritage. From natural to historical attractions, the Smoky Mountain range provides a diverse and unforgettable experience.

Landmarks and Attractions North Carolina is Known For

NASCAR Hall of Fame

A tribute to the world of stock car racing, the NASCAR Hall of Fame stands proudly in Charlotte, North Carolina. This interactive showcase captures the history, drivers, and milestones of the beloved motorsport. Encompassing comprehensive exhibits with vintage and modern race cars, driver memorabilia, and immersive simulators, visitors can experience the high-speed thrill of racing firsthand. The Hall of Fame eloquently commemorates the legends that defined the sport while providing an engaging and educational journey for enthusiasts and novices alike.

Wright Brothers Memorial

An iconic beacon etched against the sky, the Wright Brothers National Memorial in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, stands as a proud testament to a transformative era in history. Erected on the very site where Orville and Wilbur Wright undertook their first successful flight in 1903, the memorial serves as a celebration of their remarkable achievement which forever changed the course of transportation and human potential. This historic landmark not only immortalizes the Wright Brothers’ innovation but also inspires visitors with interactive displays, reproductions, and the unforgettable opportunity to walk the path of that initial flight.

Blue Ridge Parkway

The Blue Ridge Parkway, undulating through North Carolina and Virginia, is a scenic marvel and an emblem of the area’s natural beauty. Known as “America’s Favorite Drive,” this 469-mile route meanders along the crest of the Blue Ridge Mountains, providing breathtaking vistas, leisurely picnic areas, and hiking trails. The parkway, famed for its rich biodiversity and vibrant autumn colors, links two national parks: Shenandoah and Great Smoky Mountains. It’s a majestic highway harmonizing with nature, offering visitors a tranquil escape and an intimate exploration of the region’s stunning landscapes.

Biltmore Estate

A testament to opulence and architectural grandeur, the Biltmore Estate in Asheville, North Carolina reflects the legacy of the Vanderbilt family. The property, America’s largest home boasting 250 rooms, offers a glimpse into late-Victorian luxury. Visitors can explore beautifully-preserved interiors, indulge in wine tasting at the estate’s winery, or wander through the elegantly landscaped gardens designed by Frederick Law Olmsted. This splendid mansion, flanked by the majestic Blue Ridge Mountains, exudes history and affluence, offering a timeless journey marked by art, culture, and breathtaking beauty.

Chimney Rock

Rising majestically against the Western North Carolina skyline, Chimney Rock is a natural sentinel offering breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside. Located within Chimney Rock State Park, this geological marvel can be accessed via a scenic elevator ride or a challenging staircase climb. The summit provides expansive panoramas of the Hickory Nut Gorge and Lake Lure, perfect for photography enthusiasts and nature lovers. Combined with a network of hiking trails and the impressive 404-foot Hickory Nut Falls, Chimney Rock is a destination where natural beauty and adventure harmoniously blend.


Perched on the frontier between North and South Carolina, Carowinds is an exhilarating montage of high-speed thrills, immersive attractions, and lively entertainment. Spanning 400 acres with over 60 rides to enjoy, this amusement park caters to all, from adrenaline junkies seeking their next roller coaster fix to families looking for a day of fun. It boasts Fury 325, the world’s top-rated steel roller coaster, elaborate seasonal events, and a revitalizing water park. With a plethora of dining options and captivating live performances, Carowinds fosters relentless excitement and lasting memories.

Battleship North Carolina

Anchored in the Cape Fear River, Battleship North Carolina serves as a stirring tribute to the state’s World War II veterans. This historic warship, renowned as one of the most decorated from the conflict, lets visitors journey through the ship’s compartments and envision life at sea during wartime. The ship houses fascinating exhibits of artifacts, photographs, and personal accounts. The floating museum offers a riveting blend of education and exploration, promoting a deeper understanding of our naval history. The battleship stands as a prominent symbol of America’s resilience and the sacrifice of her brave soldiers.

Cape Hatteras Lighthouse

The stark black-and-white spirals of Cape Hatteras Lighthouse arise as an unmistakable beacon in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. This towering monument, standing at 198 feet—the tallest brick lighthouse in America—has guided sailors around Diamond Shoals since 1870, a notorious zone labeled the “Graveyard of the Atlantic” due to the high rate of shipwrecks. Visitors can ascend the 269 steps to admire panoramic views, or explore the surrounding National Seashore’s wildlife and barren beauty. The lighthouse not only signifies a navigational aid but is also a symbol of North Carolina’s rich maritime history.

Reed Gold Mine

Reed Gold Mine, located in Midland, is of considerable historical significance; it’s where gold was first discovered in the United States in 1799. Today, Reed Gold Mine operates as a state historic site, permitting visitors a glimpse into the past with restored underground tunnels, historical exhibits, and the chance to pan for gold. As you venture through the mine, you’ll encounter fascinating facts about the early days of gold mining in North Carolina. This unique experience allows visitors to explore history hands-on, and maybe even discover a little golden treasure.

Beaches and Islands

North Carolina’s coastline is renowned for its pristine beaches and scenic barrier islands. Stretching over 300 miles, the coastline features iconic lighthouses, historic shipwrecks, and quaint seaside towns. The Outer Banks, a string of slender barrier islands, are famous for their wild beauty and relaxed charm. Meanwhile, beaches such as Wrightsville, Kure, and Carolina carry the nostalgia of classic beach towns. From kiteboarding, surf fishing, to simply soaking up the sun, North Carolina’s beaches and islands provide a pure, tranquil retreat, making them a much-loved destination by beach enthusiasts.

History, Culture and Other Things North Carolina is Known For

Tar Heel State

North Carolina is fondly known as the “Tar Heel State,” a nod to its historical roots. This nickname originates from the state’s early economy, where pine trees were abundant, providing tar, pitch, and turpentine, essential in the naval industry for waterproofing wooden ships. Workers collecting these materials would often end up with sticky tar on their heels. Over time, “Tar Heel” became a term of endearment and pride, encapsulating the resourcefulness and resilience of the state’s residents. Today, it defines the spirit of North Carolina and finds itself deeply woven into the state’s cultural fabric.

First Human Flight

In Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, on December 17, 1903, the Wright Brothers, Orville and Wilbur, achieved the first successful human flight. The brothers’ inventive genius and perseverance marked a pivotal moment in human history. Today, this historic site is preserved as the Wright Brothers National Memorial, paying homage to their extraordinary achievement. Visitors can explore the spot where the initial flight occurred, stand at the takeoff point, and tour the interactive museum. It is a remarkable testament to their innovation, preserving the legacy of a transformative event in human achievement.

Cheerwine Festival

Held annually in Salisbury, North Carolina, the Cheerwine Festival is a vibrant celebration of Cheerwine, the beloved locally-produced cherry-flavored soft drink. This day-long event draws fans from across the region to enjoy live music, local food, and of course, all things Cheerwine. Alongside sampling the fizzy drink in its myriad forms, festival-goers can explore an array of cheerful activities and contests. Embodying a genuine community spirit, the Cheerwine Festival admirably positions itself as a fun, family-friendly event that celebrates North Carolina’s enduring love for this unique soft drink.

Asheville Beer Week

Asheville Beer Week, held annually in Asheville, North Carolina, is a celebration of the city’s burgeoning craft beer scene. Throughout this week-long festival, beer enthusiasts are invited to partake in a wide range of events including tastings, brewery tours, beer dinners, and educational sessions. Showcasing local brewing talent and unique flavor profiles, the event serves to highlight the creativity and community inherent in Asheville’s craft beer industry. Its celebratory atmosphere and focus on education make Asheville Beer Week a not-to-be-missed event for craft beer aficionados and novices alike.

Research Triangle

The Research Triangle, based in North Carolina, is a hub of innovation and academia. Comprising Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill, it’s anchored by eminent institutions – North Carolina State University, Duke University, and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. The region boasts one of the highest concentrations of PhDs and MDs in the U.S., fostering a rich intellectual climate. The Research Triangle Park, home to over 250 companies, inspires collaboration between academic research and commercial applications, accelerating development in technology, biotech, pharmaceuticals, and other cutting-edge fields.

Famous People From North Carolina

Julianne Moore

Julianne Moore, the accomplished and versatile actress, was born in Fayetteville, North Carolina, on December 3, 1960. Raised in a military family, her early life was spent moving between different locations before finding success in her career. Moore’s North Carolinian roots may not be as prominent compared to her later life experiences, but her birthplace in the Tar Heel state is an important part of her personal history. Despite her transient upbringing, Moore’s undeniable talent blossomed, leading her to become one of the most respected actresses in Hollywood.

Zach Galifianakis

Zach Galifianakis, widely recognized for his distinctive comedic flair, was born on October 1, 1969, in Wilkesboro, North Carolina. This Emmy-winning actor is best known for his stand-up comedy and roles in films like “The Hangover” series. Galifianakis hails from a Greek family and his Southern upbringing in North Carolina gave him a unique perspective on life, a dimension often visible in his humor. His NC roots and innate comedic talent have played pivotal roles in shaping his successful career in Hollywood.

What is North Carolina Famous For Producing?


North Carolina carries a longstanding reputation as a significant tobacco-producing state in the U.S. Its fertile soil condition and favorable climatic patterns have made it an ideal location for tobacco cultivation. The state’s historical role in the tobacco industry, with centuries-old farming traditions, has shaped not only its economy but also its cultural identity. This agricultural product continues to be a notable part of North Carolina’s heritage and economic activity, making the state famous for its quality tobacco that is highly sought by manufacturers worldwide.


North Carolina is increasingly recognized for its wine production, utilizing its diverse landscapes and climates to cultivate a variety of grapes. Both native and European grape types thrive across the state’s three distinct viticultural areas: the Mountains, the Piedmont, and the Coastal Plain. From robust reds to fruity whites, North Carolina wineries produce an array of flavors, with particular renown for its Scuppernong and Muscadine wines. As a burgeoning wine region in the U.S., North Carolina combines a rich winemaking history with innovative techniques, crafting world-class wines that contribute significantly to its local economy.

Sweet Potatoes

North Carolina carries the distinction of leading the United States in sweet potato production. The state’s sandy soil composition, favorable climate, and generations of farming expertise contribute to an optimal environment for cultivating this nutrient-rich crop. Each year, the majority of North Carolina’s agricultural land dedicates significant acreage to sweet potatoes. The state not only meets a large portion of domestic demands but also exports substantial quantities globally. Moreover, the North Carolina sweet potato, renowned for its unique flavor and quality, has become an integral part of the state’s cultural and culinary heritage.

Pigs, Chickens and Turkeys

North Carolina is one of the U.S.’s leading states in livestock production, especially pigs, chickens, and turkeys. Favorable agricultural conditions and significant investment in farming infrastructure allow for the efficient rearing of these animals on a large scale. The state is home to numerous state-of-the-art poultry and swine production facilities that adhere to strict welfare and quality standards. North Carolina’s livestock farming not only contributes significantly to its overall agricultural economy but also fulfills a substantial portion of national and international demands for high-quality pork and poultry products.

In conclusion, North Carolina not only offers a taste of Southern charm but also a slice of America’s rich history, natural beauty, culture, and innovation. It’s no wonder why so many are left enchanted by the Tar Heel State. Whether you’re a nature lover, city explorer, history enthusiast, foodie, or motorsport fan, there’s something wonderful waiting for you in North Carolina!

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