All points lead to the Grand Cayman Islands — Photo courtesy of lightphoto / iStock Via Getty Images

Dreaming of a warm weather vacation for 2024? Let our trips, from Florida beaches to the colorful Caribbean carnivals, inspire you. Here are eight ideas for fun in the sun, whether it’s the best beach bars, adults-only getaways, or tropical vacations for under $200.

Unwind at the best Caribbean beach bars

Beach bar fun in the CaribbeanBeach bar fun in the Caribbean — Photo courtesy of Nikola Stojadinovic / Getty Images

There are countless ways to sip away the day in the Caribbean. We found the best spots to toast the island lifestyle, from beach bars like The Soggy Dollar in the British Virgin Islands (it’s known for a killer Painkiller) to the Chat ‘n’ Chill in the Bahamas. Set your sights on rum cocktails in the sand and go.

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Reconnect at an adults-only resort

No kids means alone time at an adults-only resortNo kids means alone time at an adults-only resort — Photo courtesy of NicoElNino / iStock Via Getty Images

Family vacations are great but sometimes what you need to reconnect is a little adult time. From private plunge pools and clothing-optional beaches to fine dining and eco-tours, these 10 adults-only resorts — voted as the best by our readers — offer memorable experiences for individuals 16 and up.

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Relax at the best beaches in the U.S.

Clearwater Beach is one of the best in FloridaClearwater Beach is one of the best in Florida — Photo courtesy of TriggerPhoto / iStock Via Getty Images

There are thousands of miles of coastline to explore around the United States, from the top of Maine to the sands of southern Florida, the Pacific Northwest to California, and the entire Gulf Coast. Our team of experts nominated the best in various regions, and you voted for your favorite shorelines. Here are the winners for best beaches of 2023.

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Celebrate carnival season in the Caribbean

The Grand Kadooment Parade in Barbados culminates with a dip in the seaThe Grand Kadooment Parade in Barbados culminates with a dip in the sea — Photo courtesy of Barbados Tourism Marketing Inc.

Carnival season, the last big bash before the solemn season of Lent, is one of the best times to visit islands in the Caribbean. While Carnival wasn’t born there, places like Trinidad and Tobago, St. Lucia, and Barbados put on a fantastic, colorful and celebratory show. Here are some of our favorite Caribbean spots for Carnival.

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Visit a gorgeous tropical island for under $200

A tropical vacation in the Maldives can be affordable if you know where to stayA tropical vacation in the Maldives can be affordable if you know where to stay — Photo courtesy of SHansche / iStock Via Getty Images Plus

It’s easy to write off dreamy island locales as being too expensive for a bucket-list vacation. After all, it’s hard to get to places like Hawaii, Bali, and the Maldives without spending a bundle on airfare, not to mention an entire day, or two, at cruising altitude. But, there’s good news. We found 10 of the best budget-friendly island beach resorts where rates start under $200 a night. Off you go!

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Plan a different kind of Florida vacation

Juniper Springs in Ocala National Forest is a Central Florida gemJuniper Springs in Ocala National Forest is a Central Florida gem — Photo courtesy of Ryan Tishken / iStock Via Getty Images

Florida may have some of the best beaches in the South (and theme parks, of course!), but Florida also boasts a verdant interior teeming with wildlife, world-class dining and shopping, vibrant cultural centers, and plenty of history. To see Florida in a whole new way, follow us to eight of the state’s most photogenic, breathtaking areas, like the Ocala National Forest just north north of Orlando.

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Explore the best of Hawaii

Maui's Kaanapali Beach is one of the best beaches in HawaiiMaui’s Kaanapali Beach is one of the best beaches in Hawaii — Photo courtesy of YinYang / iStock Via Getty Images

Travelers to Hawaii come from around the globe for the sugary white sand beaches, warm waters, natural beauty, and rich cultural heritage found nowhere else in the United States. The Aloha State has a lot to offer, so where do you begin? The top winners for the crème de la crème of Hawaiian beaches, restaurants, hotels, attractions and more. Take a look around and get planning.

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Discover the best of Grand Cayman

Trails in the Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park, a highlight of Grand CaymanTrails in the Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park, a highlight of Grand Cayman — Photo courtesy of Flavio Vallenari / iStock Via Getty Images

With a perfect tropical climate and laid-back vibe, the Cayman Islands have long been a popular vacation spot. The fact that it’s so easy to get there is part of the draw. But the sandy beaches, fantastic resorts, and places like Grand Cayman’s Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park, home to the Blue Iguana Conservation Programme, are truly fantastic. Here are 10 ways to spend your time on Grand Cayman, the largest of the Cayman Islands.

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