Korean Air and Icelandair planes in minor collision.


Emergency services were called to Heathrow Airport after two commercial passenger planes collided just before take-off on the runway Wednesday.


According to reports, a Korean Air Boeing 777 hit the tail of an Icelandair Boeing 767 at about 8pm, which is now being investigated.


A Heathrow spokesperson said: “Emergency services are attending an incident involving two aircraft on the airfield.


“No injuries have been reported but emergency services are attending to ensure all passengers and crew are safe and well.”


Footage of the incident circulated on social media, as Twitter users confirmed the incident with one passenger saying they “saw it out the window”.



“Pretty sure we scrapped another plane with our wing tip while taxiing,” one user wrote.


“We hit another plane while taxiing. I saw it out the window. Wingtip scrapped the tail of another plane,” another tweeted.


“Surrounded by about ten police cars and a couple of fire engines. Apparently the plane has a ‘technical problem’, a third added.



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