Okinawa Prefecture is situated in Japan and is one of the county’s southern prefectures, and consists of hundreds of the Ryukyu Islands in a chain over 1,000 km long, which extends southwest from Kyushu to Taiwan. The capital of this place is Naha, which is located in the Okinawa Island. This place is a very popular destination and has various tourist attractions. Thousands of visitors come here from all around the world to enjoy a relaxing and peaceful vacation.

So, now let me tell you about the top tourist attractions in Okinawa, Japan.

1. Shuri Castle

Shuri Castle is a gusuku located in Shuri, Okinawa. This place was used as a palace by the Ryukyu Kingdom and it was completely destroyed in the Battle of Okinawa. In 1992, this palace was reconstructed keeping in mind the original photographs and historical records of this place. This place is a huge tourist attraction in Okinawa and is crowded by visitors all around the year.

2. Nakagusuku Castle

This is another gusuku in Okinawa, Japan and is still in ruins. This place was constructed by Sakinakagusuku Aji in the mid 14th Century and was expanded upon by Gosamaru in the early 15th Century. The castle consists of 6 baileys, and each is on a different elevation. This castle also has six courtyards which were used as protection forts.

3. Shikinaen Garden

This place was built at the end of the 17th century and was used as the second residence for the Ryukyu kings. This garden has mesmerizing locations; simple, wooden palace buildings constructed in the Okinawan style, and surrounded Japanese style gardens. You can view this stunning garden from a circular path. The garden also has a pond and a bridge.

4. Nakamurake Residence

This is a traditional Okinawan style house which was built in the 18th century. This house was inhabited by the Nakamura family but now it is opened for the view of the general public. This house consists of a red tiled roof with statues of shisa, high trees for protection and stone walls. The house is located in Kita-Nakagusuku Village and is very near from Naha.

5. Hedo Misaki

Hedo Misaki is also known as Cape Hedo and is situated within Kunigami Village. The area is barely populated and is mainly covered with trees and hills. From here you can get marvelous views of the main island as well as the area surrounding it. This Cape faces the South China Sea on the west, and the Pacific Ocean on the east.

Other attractions of Okinawa include Ocean Expo Park, Kokusaidori, Tsuboya Pottery District and Okinawa World. I am very sure that once you come here, you would simply love this place and would always remember the memorable days enjoyed here.

Source by Samantha King

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