There are many destinations in the world that are believed to provide the ultimate travel journey. Lately, even fewer can claim the astonishing rise in the tourist flank. Here we look at the world’s top 10 destinations that have seen a strong revival and a constant upsurge in tourism:


Bangkok is a testament to the revival of a great city. A decade ago, it was nearly forgotten. Now, the city has awakened again as the major financial hub of South East Asia. Travelers from all around the world venture here to experience true colors of Asia. From its floating fruit market, snake farms to a jaunt across the Baiyoke Sky Hotel, everything is termed as superlative.

Cape Town

Cape Town offers such a combination of easy lifestyle and natural beauty that is unsurpassed in the modern world. Tucked away from the world, the city is steeped in history of freedom struggle and a distinct English Aurora. Table mountain stands guard to the truly one of a kind natural splendor. This is the only place on earth where you can see the Big Seven.


Take a stroll around the Opera House and the Sydney Harbor Bridge and you will understand why it is consistently ranked among the best places in the world to live in. The city offers a unique escape to enjoy the ever blissful weather. It has everything from a historical inner city lane to an outer grand sea pier. Sydney is known for its sports and leisure lifestyle. You can play rugby, kick a soccer ball or try to figure out the difference between a Googly and a Doosra.


Everything ever written about the city seems so superficial for the words are not enough to describe its beauty. The city of Water is even highlighted in the ancient Roman and Greek texts. It sits on a conglomeration of 118 islands. Visitors enjoy a Gondola ride on the Grand Canal which passes through such landmarks as the Bridge of Sighs and the famous Rialto Bridge. It’s not only the water but also the stark beauty of Piazza San Marco and Palazzo Contarini that attracts visitors to this dream world.


Beijing is one of the greatest historical icons of the world. Since, the awakening of the Asian Dragon, the city has experienced a tremendous growth in tourism. Due to its proximity to the Great Wall and heritage such as its classical gardens and imperial palace, the city is now considered a Mecca for history buffs.


It is the only metropolitan in the world that is situated in two continents. Istanbul has long been a favorite among many Muslim and Christian crusaders. Its historical significance and present day mystical splendor is unmatched in the world. The Topkapi Palace along with the Hagia Sophia dominates the cityscape. Every corner of the city hides a secret. Several church and mosque can be found in every quarter of the city. Street hawkers and craftsman reminds visitor of its grand past, which is still very much intact.

Buenos Aires

Situated across the banks of Rio de la plata, the Argentinean capital stands the testament of time with grace and splendor. Visitors are amazed to learn of its history and the relics of the 20th century. Florida street is a museum in itself which envelopes many Art-Deco and modern buildings that speaks of a city with an eternal bliss.


A city synonymous with the Pyramid is a journey of a lifetime. Cairo has everything to offer to a visitor who wants a stroll back in the history. It has narrow streets with bustling bazaars where silver and gold antiques provide a glimpse into a time that can never be artificially created. It truly offers an Indiana Jones style adventure.

New York

Big Apple is arguably the most fascinating city in the world. Visitors are fascinated by the skyline that is characteristically the most important landmark of the city. Behemoths such as the Empire State and Chrysler buildings reminds the traveler of a bygone golden age of the skyscrapers. Grand Central Terminal and Saint Peters Cathedral are the most exquisite architectural highlights anywhere in the world. The city beams with educational, financial and historical institutions. It is a true melting pot of the world’s populations which lives and dies under the auspicious and ever watching eye of the Lady liberty.


It is the most impressive among the four imperial cities of Morocco. Such is its importance that the whole city was declared a world heritage site by UNESCO. The city still has a medina encompassed by the original wall. Once inside, visitors are confronted with snake charmers, carpet merchants and musicians. The typical Riads and guesthouses are still the highest symbol of hospitality.

Source by Gary Pearson

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