The Maldives is the dream vacation destination for anyone looking for a week away on an exotic island, surrounded by white sandy shorelines and crystal clear turquoise waters.

This area is made up by a multitude of coral reefs and islands, though only one hundred and eighty-five of these small islands are inhabited. This is a very popular tourist destination and the island welcome millions of visitors to their shore on an annual basis, whether they arrive by air or water.

There is something about these islands, maybe it’s the tropical climate or the tranquil setting, which makes it such a popular choice for honeymooners and couples looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

There are around one hundred resorts that provide Maldives accommodation to visitors that arrive here. They offer a host of options from basic bungalows to villas with their own private beach.

Whether you’re travelling on a tight budget or you’re looking for that special space to spend some time with your loved one, there are some factors you may want to take into consideration.

The first step is to do some online research and get to know the selection of islands offering top quality accommodation. See what each island has to offer in terms of activities, adventures, sites, restaurants and nightlife. This can help you narrow down your search and give you some indication on where you want to stay when booking your Maldives accommodation.

Before you start looking at Maldives accommodation prices, it’s advisable to set yourself a budget for your vacation to these exotic islands. Ensure you include your accommodation, food and spending money. With your budget in mind you can start looking through the different choices in terms of the resorts available.

Each resort will offer a selection of Maldives accommodation options, which enables you to find the right match based on your personal preference and budget. Whether you choose a tranquil bungalow with spectacular sea views or a villa with it’s own private terrace and direct beach access, you need to ensure it meets your budget and is available on your chosen dates.

In some cases, being slightly flexible with dates, will enable you to take advantage of discounted prices. Peak seasons, such as school holiday times, often have an increased price, as do weekends. If you can take a few days off during the week, you can reduce the price, enabling you to stay in a more luxurious room at the price you would pay for a basic room at the same resort.

Another recommendation when booking Maldives accommodation is try and book in advance, most hotels and resorts offer discounted prices for early bookings. When you do this ensure you read through the terms and conditions and get to know the cancellation policy. When booking a month or more in advance, you may have to cancel and knowing how much, if any of your deposit you can get back and how soon you have the right to cancel can be highly beneficial.

Once you’ve found your dream Maldives accommodation within your budget, book it. Don’t wait. Often if you wait, by the time you get back to it, someone else has already snatched up the deal. Some resorts will take a deposit straight away, while others will hold onto your card information and bill you on arrival or departure.

With your Maldives accommodation confirmed, you can start booking your flights. Remember flights are similar to hotels, the earlier you book the lower the price can be. Ensure you have your hotel confirmation in your hand before you book any flights, to reduce the risk of complications later on.

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