Travel influencer and photographer Jasmine Alley says Banff National Park is one of the most beautiful places she's ever visitedTravel influencer and photographer Jasmine Alley says Banff National Park is one of the most beautiful places she’s ever visited — Photo courtesy of Jasmine Alley

If you have a long list of travel adventures that keeps getting longer, you do what everyone else does: Follow top travel influencers who post gorgeous photos from their adventures on social media.

I’m not talking about just ogling pretty pictures from random people — although show-stopping photos will always get me daydreaming of my next vacation. I follow content creators who offer travel tips and advice, too.

Here are some top travel influencers and their top 10 picks on where to go in 2024 and beyond, from hiking popular destinations like Banff National Park in Canada to arctic surfing in Iceland.

Banff National Park, Canada

Jasmine Alley recommends visiting Banff in the winter monthsJasmine Alley recommends visiting Banff in the winter months — Photo courtesy of Jasmine Alley

“I’m a sucker for a good view and cool wildlife, and Banff has both of those in abundance,” says travel influencer and photographer Jasmine Alley (@jasminealley). “One of my favorite Banff experiences is driving down the Bow Valley Parkway with a black bear walking alongside our car and incredible mountain views ahead of us.

“Lake Louise is one of the most beautiful lakes in Banff National Park. You’re treated to turquoise, glacier-fed waters framed by mountains and a hanging glacier. Banff has become quite the hot spot in the summer, so it’s best to visit in the winter months,” she adds. “Another great way to avoid crowds is to explore Banff’s lesser-known nature spots, like Lake Minnewanka and Johnston Canyon.”

Glacier National Park, Montana

Hope Kauffman Ambroze travels the world but loves Glacier National ParkHope Kauffman Ambroze travels the world but loves Glacier National Park — Photo courtesy of Hope Kauffman Ambroze / @hkcameraface

Photographer Hope Kauffman Ambroze (@hkcameraface) shoots around the world for clients like Danner and Hugo Boss. But Glacier National Park, about 30 minutes from her home in Whitefish, Montana, is her favorite spot.

“I feel like the luckiest lady alive getting to travel around the globe to take photos and create content! However, it might surprise you that my absolute favorite place is my backyard, Glacier National Park,” says Ambroze.

“We are happy to welcome so many guests during the summer, but the park’s rising popularity has made fall a more appealing time to head into the park and explore the surroundings. It’s a massive difference in overall experience.”

Oahu, Hawaii

Mitch Bergsma takes in all the experiences Oahu has to offerMitch Bergsma takes in all the experiences Oahu has to offer — Photo courtesy of Mitch Bergsma / @micbergsma

Mitch Bergsma started his travel influencer career by posting GoPro tutorials on YouTube. Today, his channel (@MicBergsma) has more than 500,000 followers.

“Oahu holds a special place in my heart, thanks to its breathtaking hikes, vibrant North Shore surf culture, and picturesque landscapes adorned with soaring valleys, all within a short flight from my home island of Maui,” says Bergsma. “Oahu offers a diverse array of experiences, including the renowned Kualoa Ranch, a recreational haven offering activities such as zip-lining, UTV adventures, horseback riding and guided tours of iconic movie sets.”

Wanaka, New Zealand

Chelsea Yamase explores beautiful Lake Wanaka in New Zealand's South IslandChelsea Yamase explores beautiful Lake Wanaka in New Zealand’s South Island — Photo courtesy of Chelsea Yamase / @chelseakauai

Wanaka is “such a dramatic yet peaceful place,” says Chelsea Yamase, a model, photographer, and travel influencer with more than 1 million followers on Instagram (@chealseakauai). It’s long considered one of the most beautiful places on New Zealand’s South Island.

“As someone who loves breathtaking landscapes and outdoor adventures, Wanaka stole a little piece of my heart on my last trip. This lakeside gem is nestled amidst the Southern Alps and near Mount Aspiring National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site, giving it so much access to world-class hiking, kayaking, mountain biking, skiing, and photography,” she says.

“One of my highlights was going for a day ride with Samantha, the owner of a small outfitter called Wanaka Horse Trekking. We swam the horses in a crystal clear bay and galloped through meadows surrounded by dramatic snow-capped mountains. It is pristine, so if you visit please do so with the highest level of leave-no-trace ethics.”


Travel influencer Karl Ndieli discovers breathtaking landscapes across OmanTravel influencer Karl Ndieli discovers breathtaking landscapes across Oman — Photo courtesy of Karl N. / Karl-Shakur

Adventure photographer and visual artist Karl Ndieli (@Karl_Shakur) is a wanderer at heart. He’s drawn to the planet’s less-trodden paths, like Oman.

“Oman’s true wonder? The open road. Every unplanned stop is a postcard scene. World-class views that, elsewhere, would be swarming with tourists,” says Ndieli. “This epitomizes the Omani adventure — unparalleled, serene, vast, and yours to discover.”

Valdez, Alaska

Andrew Muse makes Valdez, Alaska, his pick for spring skiing and glacier exploringAndrew Muse makes Valdez, Alaska, his pick for spring skiing and glacier exploring — Photo courtesy of Andrew Muse

“Alaska is one of the most adventure-dense places I’ve ever been,” says Andrew Muse (@andrew__muse), an adventure photographer and travel influencer. “I like to spend every spring living out of a tent or trailer just outside of Valdez. The plan is to access some of the world’s most incredible backcountry skiing via snowmobile.

“One day on our way out to go ski, we came across the toe of this glacier,” he says about one of his favorite photos above. “The opening looked completely collapsed, but I decided to climb anyway, navigating the big blocks of ice and squeezing through tight spaces. Eventually, we saw the glow of a light source deep in the cave.”

Sapa, Vietnam

Travel influencer Jeff Jenkins crosses a suspension bridge in VietnamTravel influencer Jeff Jenkins crosses a suspension bridge in Vietnam — Photo courtesy of Nhat Quang Le / National Geographic for Disney

Jeff Jenkins (@chubbydiaries), host of National Geographic’s “Never Say Never with Jeff Jenkins,” says Vietnam tops his list. He’s particularly fond of Sapa in Northern Vietnam.

“People describe this area as Thailand 20 years ago, before the heavy tourism and development, making it ideal for travelers who don’t want to be a part of all the hustle and bustle,” says Jenkins. “The views are unmatched with cascading mountains, some even have rice fields on them, giving this unique eye-popping view.

“The city feels like a small town, but with lots of personality, giving you a burst of energy. Also visiting the black Hmong villages is a cultural experience that I recommend anyone to partake in! Don’t miss out on canyoning to waterfalls. Or be a thrill-seeker like me and cross a suspension bridge over a mile in the sky.”

Antarctic Peninsula

Rachel Rudwall appreciates Antarctica's vastness and sheer beautyRachel Rudwall appreciates Antarctica’s vastness and sheer beauty — Photo courtesy of Rachel Rudwall / @rachelroams

Rachel Rudwall (@rachelroams), an Explorers Club fellow and travel influencer who has visited more than 75 countries, says every expectation you have of Antarctica is likely wrong.

“You imagine Antarctica’s large, but ‘large’ doesn’t do it justice. It’s a behemoth, swallowing the horizon with glaciers, rocky peaks, and untouchable beauty. You imagine it’s cold, but you’ll find it’s not just cold; it’s varied and temperamental, one moment boasting a brilliant blue sky, and the next, dropping flurries on your nose as the wind whips through your woolen layers,” says Rudwall.

“You may also imagine that the wildlife will be as you’ve seen on TV or at your local zoo: cute, in limited numbers, and just outside your reach. However, Antarctica’s wildlife is teeming, omnipresent, and at finger length, no matter where you go,” she adds. “For all those reasons and more, the Antarctic Peninsula is one of my favorite places on Earth.”

Northern Iceland

Travel influencer Connor Trimble surfs the arctic waters around IcelandTravel influencer Connor Trimble surfs the arctic waters around Iceland — Photo courtesy of Connor Trimble

Connor Trimble (@connortrimble), a travel influencer and Hawaii-based photographer who shoots for Hurley and Billabong, heads to northern Iceland for exceptional arctic surfing and stunning surroundings.

Trimble says of surfing in Iceland: “A dedicated group of Arctic surfers chase these frigid waves in extremely fickle conditions but are rewarded with uncrowded lineups and the rare day with perfect conditions. Luckily, there are so many hot springs, or as they call them, hot pots, to quickly thaw out after a freezing surf.”

About his favorite photo, he say: “The water temperature was 32 F. With the thickest wetsuit, booties, and gloves I ever wore, it was still a shock to get in the water. Every time my head went below the surface, it was a brain freeze; the waves hitting me in the face felt like a snowball smashing me over and over. It is not for the faint of heart, but luckily there was a hot pot nearby, and we were able to warm up.”

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