Lagos is one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations. It welcomes millions of tourists around the year. The cosmopolitan city of Nigeria is indeed an excellent metropolitan city. Added to its art, culture and architecture, Lagos has innumerable tourists’ sites so as to maintain the tourists’ influx all year round. Hence, Lagos is a major tourist destination.

Visiting Lagos is an unforgettable experience. The cheap, yet up to the mark, hotels serve their visitors all that luxury and facilities that the finest hotels around the world would. The food and wine at Lagos is simply a blessing. From traditional to continental to oriental, Lagos has all the kinds of food so as to keep its tourists, of all classes and tastes, satisfied. Lagos cuisine is thus no lesser than that of France, Mexico or Italy. The increasing tourism has developed a good demand for wine and bear and hence a big market of it.

The shopping at Lagos is phenomenal. Unbelievable low prices of all brands; is another reason to visit Lagos. Designer clothes and other articles are easily available in exotic shopping malls at such reasonable prices that one would love to visit Lagos every time they want to go shopping. The Lagos Night Safari, nightlife, new and prospered generation of African people, events and festivities and scenic landscapes provide another reason for the large tourism industry of Lagos.

Millions of people from around the world, especially Europe and the U.S, visit Lagos annually. Efforts had been made to increase tourism in Lagos, thus the city was filled with attractions but little had been done with airfares to make the Lagos attractive. Realizing the importance of cheap flights to Nigeria, airline services and travel agencies all over the world have now reduced the ticket prices to Lagos and are offering fabulous discounts.Tourism in Lagos is so important that it has taken airline services and travel agencies, around the world, in a healthy competition. However, the competition may not be very helpful to many during the holiday season. Therefore, it is better not to make reservations during the high time as the airfares increase. Rather, all bookings and reservations are advised to be made as early as possible.

African Airways Express has the highest number of passengers to Lagos, as it has been the most up to date airline regarding special discounts and offers. Of the cheaper airlines, Delta Airlines and Atlanta are, by far, the only non-stop flights to Nigeria from the United States. Amazingly, Kenya is giving high benefits to its economy by the tourism in Lagos. It is doing this by becoming a stop for indirect flights to Lagos. And not only this, three of its international airports are actually providing cheap flights to Lagos and are certainly becoming popular because Kenya itself is a great tourist attraction, thus passengers love to stop at Kenya before moving on to Lagos. Other airline services like Qatar Airways, Air France, and Jet Airways etc are giving several offers that can take their passengers to Lagos for a good span of time, in an amount that one pays for a very short trip to Europe.

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