For many consecutive years Thailand is one of the big winners of numerous spa awards. Thailand’s spa industry continues to look healthy and evolve with the changing requirements of spa clientele to a focus not far removed from the ancient purpose of traditional Thai massage and herbal healing techniques. Even with the need to mingle with Western practices, the Thai spa industry’s edge is its ancient heritage: the rituals, treatments and massage techniques that have survived down through the ages. It has an authenticity that spas elsewhere in the world look to duplicate and “Thainess” has also become a focal selling point of Thai spas. It is relatively vital to discover why Thai spas with Thainess or in Thai style have contributed to many awards and have also astounded the world!

Thainess refers to both the therapists and the cultural qualities that have made Thailand the spa capital of the Asia-Pacific region as well as a must-have component for spas all over the world. Whilst it can mean different things to different people, when applied to Thai therapists, Thainess seems to encompass ancient healing techniques, folk wisdom in its rituals and, perhaps above all, graciousness. Maintaining wellbeing through an improved balance of the body, mind and spirit and with the environment has become the key protocol for Thailand’s award-winning spas and emerging ventures. Thailand is now set as a medical hub featuring traditional and alternative treatments.

Dubbed as the “Land of Healthy Smiles”, Thailand affords its health and beauty minded tourists the wonder of the pampering and holistic spa treatments of the body, mind and spirit. The revelation of health and wellness comprises a full-fledged array of world-renowned day spas, destination spas, hotel/resort spas and medical spas to choose from. Spa treatments in Thai style will help you to get in touch with inner you at numerous places across the nation. Rewarding yourself with a Thai spa is certainly a valuable treat that provides an ultimate spa experience. This, without doubt, makes meticulous tourists and recipients always fall in love with Thai spas with Thainess or in Thai style!

A delicate blend of cultural heritages and diversities is the central element that makes Thailand a spa destination in the world. A focus of health and beauty, Thai spas involve the method of relaxation and health promotion both physically and spiritually. They blossoms in Bangkok and major tourist cities countrywide. The Thai spa experience embraces a choice of indigenous resource, unique tradition and local wisdom that have been passed down through centuries. Recognizing the lucrative market niches for spa business, spa operators look into this ancient trove to create and present the best Thai style spas to ensure worldwide spa recipients a lasting spa expectation.

In fact, the spa theory in Thailand is adopted and adapted into traditional Thai style, making its spa treatments a whole lot different from that of offered at leading spa centers in the globe. An imported spa recipe combined with an exotic Thai touch has impressed the world! Spa facilities in Thailand too are of premium and great value for money. A tropical haven boasting natural and cultural richness, Thailand is considered one of the world’s most famed holiday getaways. This is a remarkable plus that helps develop the country’s basic strength as an eternal spa paradise. In addition, first-class spa products truly open a new notion and familiarity to foreign spa recipients.

Thai spas allow recipients to capture various essences of traditional Thai living. The Thai spa experience is notable as spa practitioners are naturally service-minded and always smiling. Gracious hospitality and quality service are complemented by the caring nature as well as gentle manner of the Thai people, thus enhancing a unique Thai touch to worldwide recognition. Gentleness, compassion and the act of comforting to others, as advocated by the Theravada Buddhist tradition, is very much part of everyday life. The gesture is intuitive and genuine as well. Besides, most of spa venues are designed with typical Thai characteristics intrinsically admired by all foreigners.

Boasting a variety of spa offerings, the Land of Healthy Smiles has devised a vast range of retreats, alternative therapies, personal consultation and life coaching. The common Thai spa menu includes traditional Thai, Swedish, Javanese and Sports massages, foot reflexology, aromatherapy, acupuncture, acupressure, hydrotherapy, skincare treatments like facial scrubs and body wraps, treatments for face, skin and hair, herbal steams and floral baths. The Thai spa experience also comes with body and mind activities – be it meditation, yoga, tai chi, pilates, stress management, holistic wellness, spa cuisine and physiotherapy, along with healthy eating and detoxification.

The Thai wellbeing therapy also makes Thai spas popular globally. Many of the healing techniques, holistic remedies and wellbeing programs are mainly based on the therapeutic power of Thai herbs and plants specially formulated to rebalance, restore and rejuvenate the body, mind and spirit. A variety of other curative treatments meanwhile accentuate meditative practices which reflect deep-rooted Buddhist influences. Significantly, the traditional Thai massage is regarded as an act of compassion in which the therapist performs the physical application of loving kindness and renders a curing touch in the spirit of giving. The traditional Thai massage exerts substantial health benefits.

In a word, the real Thai spas enable spa recipients to fully experience varied facets of Thainess and unique Thai style. Therefore, whilst here in the Land of Healthy Smiles explore yourself as well as indulge your body, mind and inner spirit in Thai spas for an unforgettable spa experience…

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