When we visited the beautiful tropical Maldive island of Meedhupparu we overpacked and we missed a few essentials too. Here is our quick list of what items we thing are essentials to take with you, plus a short list of the items you can safely leave at home.

Firstly, bring enough books. If you are an avid book reader, make sure you pack plenty of them. Since there are fewer opportunities for going out for the day on a maldive island holiday you will want more than the usual number of books to read. Of course you can swap with other guests, but there are dangers of only having rubbish to read if you rely on the literary tastes of your fellow holidaymakers.

Bring sun block. Bring lots and lots of sun block. You can never have enough sunscreen. Buying it on the island is possible but very expensive, so bring enough for your entire holiday. Make sure you go for high factor or you will look like a lobster on the beach.

Mask and Snorkel. Go to your local dive shop and get yourself a well made, properly fitted divers mask. You WILL spend lots of time face down in the water making faces at the passing fish, so a mask is an essential.

If you are a diver, then bring your log book etc. If you are not a scuba diver, the Maldives are the perfect place to learn.

Loose t-shirts for snorkelling in. If you forget to wear one your back will burn badly. Ouch!

One long sleeve shirt and light trousers for evening wear and for visiting local mosques. When visiting religious buildings you should look smart. That is just good manners.

Engagement ring. It seems like everyone gets engaged in the maldives. If you are thinking about it then do not forget to bring a ring.

Do not bring food. The excellent fresh food and drink being served on the islands is always going to knock the socks off anything that you bring on a 12 hour plane flight.

Travel pillow for the plane flight

Do not bother packing shoes. Wear sandals for the flights and a pair of neoprene booties for walking in the water (the occasional bit of loose coral can cut you quite badly) but other than that you should leave the footwear at home.

Don’t bother with mosquito repellent. Meedhupparu is totally free of the critters which is a huge bonus.

Bring a sense of fun and adventure. Try new activities, talk to the locals, enjoy the wildlife and experience a great maldive Adventure.

Source by Chris D Brown

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