A beautiful country, Netherlands, is situated in Western Europe, connecting Germany to the east and Belgium to the south. People mostly call it Holland and its currency is the Euro. There are number of interesting destinations and beautiful cities but as the most visited city of Holland is Amsterdam. In the 17th century, this city was the center of world’s economy and famous for its history. Amsterdam is popular with lovers of architecture and modern architecture development. There are many charming destinations and festivals noted for their unique history and attractiveness. They have over 50 museums which attract more and more visitors. The Rijksmuseum and Stedelijk museum are most popular there.

The population of this wonderful city is more than 800,000 and over 3.5 million foreign visitors a year. Due to its climate, cultural events, festival and wonderful destinations it is most visited city in the Holland. There are variety of museum, old workers cottage, pubs or cafes, craft studio, parks, hotels and shopping mall which are impressive for visitors. There are many pleasant area to explore where you can enjoy your weekend and holidays with family or friends. Moving on foot or by bicycle is a way of life for many Dutch people. You can rent bikes for exploring this beautiful city. You can start from canal ring and watch some lovely old houses lining the canals.

Main tourism seasons start there from July and September, when the weather is finest and you will find cheaper restaurants and hotels there. The cultural events are in full swing between September and May. A variety of cultural events and festivals are held there throughout the year.

Amsterdam is one of the charming cities of Netherlands with impressive world-class architecture, lovely canals, cafes, bars, clubs, great shopping and vibrant nightlife. It is the favorite destination of tourists. If you are planning to visit this charming city, then Eurostar London to Amsterdam train is the best and convenient way to go there.

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