Do you want to visit a place you will never forget in your lifetime? If so, Bali Island in Indonesia is a perfect tourist destination. One thing that makes Bali popular is the hundreds of Islands it is associated with. Besides several islands and beaches, Bali is regularly grouped among the top ten tropical holiday destinations in the world because of its talented, calm and hospitable people.

Balinese population

There are more than three million Balinese people scattered over the whole island including the tinier islands of Nusa Ceningan, Nusa Lembongan, Menjangan and Serangan. A big number of Balinese people are of Hindu religion. But there are people who keep settling in Bali from the nearby islands of Java and Lombok who are not Hindus. The largest population of about three hundred and seventy thousand people lives in Denpasar, the capital city.

Balinese lifestyle

If you love art, this archipelago has plenty of woodcarvers, potters, silversmiths, traditional dancers and painters. It could be that anything to do with farming mesmerizes you. Balinese lifestyle consists of mainly rice farming. Trading, fishing and art/craft come second. The societal structure consists of many villages. People of Bali do things mutually including temple ceremonies, weddings, and cremation burials. As you want to have a lot of fun, you should attend one of the community creative art festivals organized by Banjar and the local government.

Who can visit?

Also called the Island of the Gods, Bali is a perfect place for wedding engagements, weddings and honeymoons. It is also ideal for families with big or little kids. There is something great for everyone who visits the island.


Situated about two hours flying distance from Singapore, the Island of the Gods is easily accessible via an international airport at Denpasar. This airport boasts many direct flights to and from the USA, Asia, Europe and Australia. Some flights go through Jakarta, the country’s capital city, and there are many domestic flights. Arrival and getting around will not be a problem even if you will be visiting Bali for the first time. Flights can be booked online with ease. Even so, you have to locate Denpasar flight schedules rather than Bali flights as Denpasar is the capital city. If you prefer sea travel, there are many cruise ship stop-offs in Bali, as well as passenger ferries from the islands of Java and Lombok. When travelling over land, vehicles are used as the main mode of transport.

Where to stay

Bali is diverse and complex and it can rather unpredictable when you are just a first time visitor. Even so, the island has some many rental villas for tourists that you can find a place to stay very fast. Luxury beach resorts, hotels and rental villas are everywhere and you should probably pick one based on your budget, length of your visit and who you are with. If you want to spend several weeks in the island of the Gods with your wife and kids, perhaps the best accommodation facility is a villa for lease. It will have a fully varnished kitchen, more than two bathrooms and bedrooms, and outdoor facilities like a swimming pool, sports field, parking, and landscaped garden.

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