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Bali is an idyllic destination frequented by travelers from around the globe, known for its mesmerizing beaches, exotic temples, and vibrant nightlife. It’s a melting pot of cultures, cuisines, and experiences that makes it a must-visit. When planning your trip to Bali, one of the essential pieces of planning is figuring out transportation on the island. So, is there Uber in Bali? Let’s explore this in detail.

Once Upon a Time: Uber in Bali

To answer the question directly: No, there is no Uber in Bali. Uber officially exited South East Asia back in 2018, handing over its operations to a local ride-hailing giant, Grab. So if you’re visiting Bali hoping to rely on the convenient Uber services you have used in other countries, unfortunately, that won’t be possible.

How Can I Get Around Bali?

Say Hello to Grab

However, worry not, as the gap left by Uber in Bali has been aptly filled by Grab. It is widely accepted in many parts of South East Asia, including Bali, and operates just like Uber. The app is pretty easy to use and offers various services, from a traditional taxi ride to a ride on a motorbike (known as a GrabBike), and even food delivery (GrabFood).

Blue Bird Taxi

Besides Grab, Blue Bird Taxi is a trustworthy and reliable taxi service in Bali. They have been in operation long before ride-hailing apps came into existence, and rides are usually on the meter. Blue Bird also has an app that allows you to easily book your rides.

While Blue Bird Taxis are generally safe and reliable, they’re getting harder to come bay. There are also reports that other companies are painting their taxis the same shade of blue. When you get into a fake Blue Bird Taxi, the driver won’t use the meter and will try to negotiate a price. So always try to make sure your taxi is legitimate before you ride.

Gojek: Indonesia’s All-in-One App

Another popular local alternative to Uber in Bali is Gojek. While it started as a ride-hailing platform offering motorbike rides, Gojek has transformed into a one-stop platform offering a plethora of services. You can now book cars, get food delivery, and even utilize services like grocery deliveries and massage services.

Traditional Bali Taxis

In addition to the apps, you’ll find a host of traditional taxis in Bali. Negotiation is the name of the game here. It’s recommended to agree on a fare before starting your journey to avoid any misunderstandings later. However, do beware of scams and always prefer a taxi from a reliable and reputed company.

Renting in Bali

For the more adventurous and those who want to discover Bali at their own pace, renting a bike or a car is a great option. Having your own mode of transportation will allow you to reach more off-the-beaten-path locations that taxis can’t get to. You’ll see rental places all over the island and prices are pretty affordable.

However, if you’re not very experienced with riding a scooter, I wouldn’t recommend hiring one. There are LOTs of accidents and the roads can be chaotic. I’d suggest hiring a car instead, even though car rentals are more expensive. It’s worth it for the extra safety.

If you do decide to rent a scooter, remember to always keep your eyes on the road and wear a helmet!

Hiring a Private Driver

Your other option is to hire a private driver in Bali. On the face of it you might think this sounds expensive, but if you’re traveling in a group it can be quite affordable. It’s definitely worth it if you plan to visit multiple locations in one day or want to cover longer distances.

Hiring a driver allows you to sit back and relax, without having to worry about navigating Bali’s roads.

Uber in Bali, FAQ

Is there Uber at Bali Airport?

No, there is no Uber at Bali Airport, or Bali in general.

Is there Grab at Bali Airport?

Yes, Grab is available at Bali airport. You can use the app to call yourself a car or bike. There’s a lounge and pickup area outside arrivals at Denpasar Airport.

What can I use instead of Uber in Bali?

You can download the apps Grab or Gojek.

Final Words

To sum up: while there’s no Uber in Bali, you are not short of options when it comes to getting around. Whether you opt for the Grab app, a traditional taxi, or rent your own vehicle, Bali is well-equipped to cater to your commuting needs as you delve into the beauty and culture of the island.

Remember, each option has its pros and cons, and the best choice would entirely depend on your personal preference, comfort, budget, and the kind of experience you want to have in Bali. Safe travels!

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