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Bicycles have been used since the 1800s to cater to several aspects of transportation, and the technology for electric bikes didn’t come till much later. It is quite a common phenomenon these days, however. Many people use electric bikes for commuting, offroading, and several other aspects of transit. The times we live in require a better option than the regular cars and vehicles that most use. 

Whereas they were not so popular, for whatever reasons, electric bicycles are now gaining momentum as more people recognize the value of these two-wheelers. They are more affordable and attract less operational and maintenance costs. With the increasing popularity of e-biking, many wonder if it is worth it to downsize their car for an electric bike or use one with it. Today, we explore how these wonders are changing the current situation of travel for a widening demographic. 

How The E-bike is Changing Travel

Electric bikes have been used for short and long-distance trips. They are equipped with a variety of features for comfort, such as a battery, motor, and pedal-assist system to provide better travel. Some of the ways they make your commutes different include:

Reducing Carbon Footprint

The world’s reliance on fossil fuels is at a crucial stage where other viable options must be explored on a wide scale. This is important in reducing the impact of transportation on the earth. By going about our daily lives, driving from point A to B, each car and vehicle tends to emit exhaust fumes that are bad for the nose and the environment. You can’t breathe them in and the earth can’t stand it either. Have you tried an electric bike? 

Electric cars are currently a booming industry, and e-bikes are also becoming popular among commuters. These are some of the ways to drastically reduce your carbon footprint on the earth. E-bikes are also recognized as an option for a more sustainable transport system in the future. Apart from less air pollution, they can also reduce the time spent in traffic. Places with chronic traffic congestion problems can benefit from e-bike use. 

Encouraging Physical Activity

No matter how much you love your car, you don’t want to drive it for much longer than necessary. Apart from being boring, it does not encourage a better posture for your body. Plus, you can’t avoid wasting time in traffic congestion. The speed of the average car in a gridlock hasn’t increased by much, despite technological innovations. On the other hand, e-bikes are equipped with features for better commuting. 

The time wasted inhaling the exhaust fumes from other vehicles while you’re stuck can be spent evading the same traffic situation on an e-bike. Plus, you get to enjoy more fresh air while keeping your body active. An e-bike provides features such as a battery and an electric motor to store energy and dispense power on your rides. Since e-biking is easier, they help you get outside more and have more fun.

Reducing Car Expenses

Using a car requires being smart, to an extent. You must ensure to get one within your budget, which can have you settling for less. The gas expenses and maintenance costs cannot be avoided, however. Ensuring your car stays in prime condition can cost thousands of dollars annually. Constant trips to the gas station create another dent in your pocket if you consider spending that amount every other year. You need to expand your horizons.

Give yourself better transit options than a car or the public system. Instead of settling for a vehicle with lower quality than you want, you can get an electric bike. One is enough to take care of most parts of your commuting. Asides from the low purchase price, you spend much less on maintenance every year. Using an e-bike helps you to save money while retaining better control over your commute. 


Traffic congestion can spoil the fun of cruising along when traveling on city streets. Even when you’re just trying to get to work, they can make this very difficult. If you cannot increase the speed of your car in traffic gridlocks, maybe you can explore a better option with higher powers of evasion. With an electric bicycle, you can arrive at appointments on time without breaking a sweat. 

Some e-bikes are designed with special features that make them perfect for commuting. The electric motor included ensures you can ride uphill easily while overcoming obstacles along your path. A battery is provided, so you can enjoy riding more miles on the pedal assist. The brakes are sharp, which helps the tires provide more grip. If your road conditions are bad, try using an electric fat tire bike instead. 


There are always roads too narrow or rugged for you to drive a car across. Navigating rough terrain requires a little extra, and that is what an electric bike provides. You can hit the trails and enjoy riding all through the year. An e-bike’s motor takes care of the points that require additional effort in your trip. Its battery can work when you get too tired or don’t want to pedal. You can also change gears for better adaptation to the terrain.

There are fat tire e-bikes designed specifically for providing higher comfort levels on rough terrain. They are usually equipped with tires of not less than 3″ in width, and are designed to cover more ground surface. With one, you can enjoy a relatively smooth and relaxed ride on rough roads. A perfect example is the KBO Tornado, with 26″ x 4″ fat tires which provide increased stability and traction. It also uses a high-tech battery that can guarantee a range of more than 45 miles. 

In Conclusion

Transportation is changing all around us already. We only have to be aware to partake in it. Electric bicycles are one of the most convenient forms of transportation available right now. They ride smoothly on paved roads, allowing you to commute faster through city traffic. You can also enjoy pleasant rides off-road with a fat tire e-bike, which helps you move better on rough terrain. If you have ever wanted to ride one, now is the time. You can get a KBO e-bike for smoother and longer commuting. Check our online store to see which works best for your commute and riding style.

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