It seems that there are two major trends when it comes to eating out in Amsterdam. A new style of luxury dining in a trendy restaurant and the more homestyle restaurants. At the homestyle restaurants the food is pure and delicious and almost like it’s home cooked. Often the food at the homestyle restaurants is comfort food or served to share with the whole table. Last year a lot of new restaurants in the homestyle categorie opened the doors. And they’re always super busy. Often because the menu is well priced and the vibe is relaxed. Those restaurants are perfect to go to on a week night if you’re up for an easy dinner. Another great advantage of homestyle restaurants is that you can always stay there for a few drinks after dinner.

The best new restaurants that serve homestyle food are Julius Bar & Grill, Bar Brouw, Huf and Boca’s Park. They’re all super trendy and affordable. The food is comfort food with delicious dishes like pulled pork, braised veal or meat platters to share with the whole table. 

For a homestyle breakfast or lunch with a sandwich and cheese or meat it’s fun to go to the Bakkerswinkel. You will feel at home immediately. Also fun: they serve breakfast for two!

In this 10 Best list you find 10 of the best Homestyle restaurants in Amsterdam where the vibe is laid back and the food is great.



Arabic food is great for shared dining. This kitchen also has a high comfort food level! It’s pure and gives you the feeling of a home cooked meal. Beyrouth at the Kinkerstraat in Amsterdam is one of the best Lebanese restaurants in town. It’s a family restaurant run by two brothers. In the kitchen are the grandpa en grandma who cook the dishes. Beyrouth is known for its great dishes to share. You can choose from 10 – 15 tapas dishes served for the whole table. From vegetables to meats and fish served with fresh bread, hummus and eggplant spread.

Recommended for Homestyle because: At Beyrouth you have the feeling of eating in the living room of the owners where you enjoy real Lebanese food to share.

Anne’s expert tip: Order the combination plate to share!

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Photo courtesy of Bazar

Walk into a world of food at the Bazar. The building, once a church, features high ceilings and is full of color, character and beauty. The restaurant serves North African, Iranian and Turkish food, where you can choose a delicious dish from the menu or one of the daily specials; either way you cannot go wrong. As the establishment is located in the Albert Cuypstraat, it’s a great place to go for lunch or dinner after shopping around at the market. Most of the dishes are served to share with the whole table and presented on huge Moroccan serving trays. If you’re up for a homestyle cooked meal Bazar is a great Mediterranean option.

Recommended for Homestyle because: Bazar is a great restaurant to experience Arabic comfort food at the cozy De Pijp district.

Jessica’s expert tip: At Bazar they have main dishes for just under € 10,-. Great for a small budget!

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Fa Pekelhaaring 

Fa Pekelhaaring 

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Fa Pekelhaaring is one of the best restaurants in Amsterdam to have a home cooked Italian meal in a trendy interior. This restaurant is always fully booked so make sure you go early or make a reservation. The interior of the restaurant is a fun mix of vintage and design. This place is open all day and perfect to go for a coffee or lunch. You will feel at home immediately. For dinner Fa Pekelhaaring has an Italian and Mediterranean inspired menu. From pastas to meat or fish, there’s something or everyone. This restaurant is geat to go to with friends or family for dinner!

Recommended for Homestyle because: Fa Pekelhaaring is a classic gastropub in Amsterdam where you can enjoy a home cooked Italian meal in a trendy interior.

Anne’s expert tip: Try the Vitello Tonato and the cheesecake!

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De Bakkerswinkel

De Bakkerswinkel

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Start your morning right by enjoying a mouthwatering breakfast at the Bakkerswinkel. The Bakkerswinkel, translated to The Bakery in English, is a cozy café that will make you feel welcome the second you step inside. The aroma of baked goods fills the air. Rustic wooden tables are neatly arranged around the room. The space is brightened with beautiful fragrant flowers. Visitors can choose from one of the many delicious items on the menu or just stop by for a scone and some tea. Do you have a bit of a sweet tooth? The Bakkerswinkel offers an assortment of incredible pastries and cakes, too. There are three different locations in Amsterdam, and each one has its own personality and charm. Find the one closest to you and make yourself at home.

Recommended for Homestyle because: For a homestyle breakfast the Bakkerswinkel is the place to be. Order a breakfast plate for two to share.

Jessica’s expert tip: The Bakkerswinkel also offers afternoon tea!

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Rose's Cantina

Rose's Cantina

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Amsterdam may not seem like the most likely locale for ‘Nuevo Mexicana’ fare, but Rose’s proves otherwise. This popular eatery serves terrific south-of-the-border cuisine and dishes up a good measure of conviviality as well. Along with a host of expected favorites, including great fajitas, you’ll find a number of specialties, such as pescado a la Veracruzana (fried fish in a sauce of onions, tomatoes and olives) and borrego al chipotle (lamb stew flavored with smoky peppers). Ask the waiter for her personal advice and start with shared starters so you can taste a bit of everything. Make sure to sample a potent margarita � or one of their range of 20 tequilas � and munch on their fabulous nachos while you wait. Steaks and burgers available too.

Recommended for Homestyle because: Rose’s Cantina is a Mexican style restaurant where it’s all about comfort food and shared dining.

Anne’s expert tip: At Rose’s Cantina they make amazing cocktails!

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Boca's Park

Boca's Park

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If you’re looking for a cheap and cozy place to go for dinner with the whole family Boca’s Park is a great pick. This cafe style restaurant is located at the foot of the Sarphatipark. This park is one of the smallest and most beautiful parks in Amsterdam. Boca’s Park is also located close to the famous Albert Cuyp Market. The crowd is younger and you see a lot of students here, hipsters and friends and families having dinner. The menu is full of tapas and boca’s which are small buns with something delicious on top. Also great are the plates to share with the table. You can choose from meat to veggie and from cheese to fish. Or ask for a mix of all of the above!

Recommended for Homestyle because: One of the nicest restaurants in Amsterdam for shared dining is Boca’s Park. Delicious plates with meats, fish or cheese.

Anne’s expert tip: Boca’s Park is great to go to with a group of friends to celebrate a birthday.

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Julius Bar & Grill

Julius Bar & Grill

Julius Bar & Grill is a new restaurant at De Pijp where once the restaurant Witteveen used to be. Julius Jaspers the co-owner of Julius Bar & Grill is a famous Dutch TV chef and had different restaurants in Amsterdam before. At Julius Bar & Grill it’s all about meat and fish from the barbecue. Here it’s all about high quality products so only the best meats and fishes are used. Also great are the affordable wines. Actually… all the food is very affordable. You can enjoy a burger for only € 15,- at Julius. This place is also nice to go to for a family dinner or just a home cooked (or grilled) meal with friends.

Recommended for Homestyle because: At Julius Bar & Grill it’s all about high quality comfort food from the barbecue. Pure and delicious.

Anne’s expert tip: If you ask nicely you can buy the home made sauces with the cool bottles to take home.

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Photo courtesy of Bar Huf

The Reguliersdwarsstraat was once the heart of the gay scene in Amsterdam. Now there are many cool and trendy restaurants. Of which most are owned by restaurant and club entrepreneur Casper Reinders. Huf is the newest addition to the restaurant and bar scene on this lively street. This cafe restaurant is located next to Bar Paul. Together Bar Paul and Bar Huf are an ode to the Duch photographer Paul Huf. But let’s talk foo! The food at Huf is pure and a bit rough. Just like a home cooked meal from your mum. On the menu you will find sausages and Philly cheese steak as well as cheese fondue.

Recommended for Homestyle because: Bar Huf is located at the Reguliersdwarsstraat in the middle of the city center and offers affordable food.

Anne’s expert tip: This is one of the newest hotspots and great for comfort food or cheese fondue!

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Photo courtesy of Restaurant Moeders

Give your Mom a break from the cooking and the cleaning and take her to Restaurant Moeders. Moeders, which literally translates to “Mothers” in English, is the family restaurant in Amsterdam, especially for Mother’s Day or your Mom’s birthday. The walls are decoratively adorned with a collage of photos, featuring mothers from all corners of the world; pictures are still being collected. Moeders serves a dish of the day for only 10 EUR. Visitors can also choose from an a la carte or a three-course menu. With typical Dutch cuisine and a friendly, welcoming ambience, Moeders will make you feel right at home. A true homestyle restaurant where you can enjoy food the way your mother used to make it at home!

Recommended for Homestyle because: If you are looking for a restaurant in Amsterdam that serves food the way your mum used to make it Moeders is the place to go!

Anne’s expert tip: If your mother or wife has a birthday, Moeders will give her a small present.

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