Deciding on the best place to vacation in Mexico is a matter of determining where your interests lie and what you want out of this vacation. If you are interested in mainly experiencing the Spanish colonial atmosphere of the country, then the best places to visit are Mexico City, Guadalajera, San Jose de Allende and Oaxaca. In Mexico City, the ultimate way to see all the architecture dating back to the time of the Spaniards and the city monuments is to take the open top bus tour. Museums that tell the story of the country’s history can be found in all four locations.

The Baja region of Mexico is home to many resort destinations, such as La Paz, Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo. Here you will find miles and miles of sandy beaches and clear blue waters that teem with marine life. Go snorkeling or scuba diving to get a glimpse of the world that exists under these waters. Whales are found in large numbers, which means you can enjoy whale watching as they frolic in the waves. Water sports of all kinds abound and you can stroll throughout the towns to shop at the markets and barter with the vendors for the goods you want to buy. Depending on your interests, you can enjoy playing golf and tennis at many of the resorts or just sit by the side of the pool and relax.

The Mexican Riviera is a well-known tourist destination consisting of such destinations as Puerto Vallarta, Ixtapa and Mazatlan. These are all located along the pacific coast of the country. In this region you will really get a feel for the pre-Columbian culture as well as that of the Spanish Conquistadors. Enjoy the many festivals and parades when the streets are filled with music and dancing. Dine on the delicacies of chefs from around the world, visit art galleries displaying works of local artists and see the artifacts on display in the many museums.

Try to uncover the mysteries of the Mayan civilization when you visit the locations on the Yucatan Peninsula. Some of the destinations in this region are Cancun, Cozumel, Tulum and Isla Mujeres. In all the locations the resorts are located near the beaches and the sites of historic ruins. Tulum is one of the best destinations if you are interested in visiting ruin sites. Cancun is one of the places with something for everyone. It is the site of Aquaworld’s Jungle Tour, where you can drive yourself or take a guided tour. You can also experience an authentic adventure aboard a replica of a 17th century Spanish galleon. Isla Mujeres is an island off the coast of Cancun and is one of the best dive sites in the ergion. Even if you stay in Cancun, you can take a day trip to this island by ferry. Cozumel is famous for its coral reefs and f5riendly people. It is the one place you must visit if you want to visit wildlife reserves to see animals not seen anywhere else in the world.

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