About Maldives

There are about 1200 small islands that are placed in the Indian Ocean it is also called pearls of the Indian Ocean. The closest countries to the Maldives are India and Sri Lanka.

There are approximately 1200 separate islands in the Maldives and only about one sixth of these are populated. Maldives is the smallest nation in Asia in terms of population and smallest Muslim country in the world. The capital of Maldives is Male which is densely populated island. While the rest of the islands are scarcely populated. Out of 200 islands 40 islands are fully converted into resorts for the tourists.

Maldives holds many 6-star hotels as well as cheap Maldives hotels for accommodation, only the best hotels can get permit to build in Maldives. Maldives is one of the rare places where government guarantees luxury to all tourists.

Brief history of Maldives

Even though there are no certain facts it is estimated that the Maldives have been populated by 1500 BC the explorers from India and Sri Lanka may had come to the archipelago. During 1152 there was introduction of Islam; there was a brief period from 1558 to 1573 when the Maldives was taken over by Portuguese. There was a period when the island was occupied by Britishers. Ultimately Maldives gained independence at 1965.

Flora and Fauna in the Maldives Islands

In spite of the lush green palm trees as such there are no other trees that grow flawlessly in the island. Probably because the soil doesn’t support the vegetation most of the trees are coconut trees, vines, banyan trees as well as mangroves. Also found are Breadfruit trees and Bamboos. Flowering plants include Frangipani. and Bougainvillea.

While there are a healthy variety of birds inhabiting the islands, there are fewer varieties of land based animals. Common to the islands are flying foxes, geckos and garden lizards. There are also a couple of species of snake (not dangerous).

Maldives are a haven for birdwatchers! There are over 100 species of birds – expect to see crows, parakeets, and waterhens as well as koel birds. Also present are herons, seagulls and noddys.

Maldives is a popular sea resort and all types of islands are suitable for every kind of tourists. There is something for everybody. For adventurers kind of travelers there is facility of scuba diving, as the sea is rich in marine life that you can explore. As well as for laid back people you can sit back and enjoy the nature. Be witness to ever changing moods of the sea while sitting in the white sand or walking around the coastline.

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