The gear you choose for travel can make the difference between a stress-free, organized trip or a chaotic mess. Help us find the best travel gear by voting for your favorites in five categories. You can vote once per day, per category until voting closes on Monday, January 16 at noon EST. The winners will be announced on Friday, January 27.

Click on each category below to vote:

Best Carry-On Luggage

What's your favorite carry-on bag?What’s your favorite carry-on bag? — Photo courtesy of E+ / lithiumcloud

Carry-on luggage should be lightweight and meet airline size requirements. These 20 carry-on bags, selected by a panel of experts, meet that criteria and offer more perks, such as superior organization, versatility and durability. Help us find the best carry-on luggage by voting for your favorite once per day.

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Best Checked Luggage

Vote for the best checked luggageVote for the best checked luggage — Photo courtesy of iStock / onurdongel

A solid piece of checked luggage is an investment, especially if you travel often. The best checked suitcases offer several key features: easy maneuverability, a durable exterior, optimal organization and a built-in TSA approved lock, to name a few. Which checked suitcase gets top marks from you?

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Best Fanny Pack

Which fanny pack do you keep close?Which fanny pack do you keep close? — Photo courtesy of iStock / RyanJLane

Whether you’re out on a hike, walking through the airport or running errands, a good fanny pack can make all the difference. It will keep your essentials and valuables close and secure – without weighing you down. Which fanny pack do you keep close?

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Best Travel Headphones

Which headphones do you use to tune out on trips?Which headphones do you use to tune out on trips? — Photo courtesy of E+ / EXTREME-PHOTOGRAPHER

When you’re traveling, a good pair of headphones is essential – and there are so many stellar options at multiple price points. Whether you’re looking for earbuds or over-ear headphones, loaded with features or just the minimum, there’s something for everyone. To help us narrow the field, vote for your favorite headphones.

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Best TSA Approved Locks

Which TSA approved lock is your method for keeping items secured?Which TSA approved lock is your method for keeping items secured? — Photo courtesy of E+ / Erdark

If you’re flying but want to make sure your belongings are kept safe, a TSA approved lock is the way to go. These locks bear a Travel Sentry logo and open with a special key that only the TSA has, just in case they need to search your bag. Otherwise, the only person who can access your luggage is you. Which lock do you trust the most?

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Remember, you can vote once per day in each category. The 10 nominees with the most votes in each category will be announced on on Friday, January 27.

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