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If you are a football fanatic, there’s no better place to take in a live match than Europe. From the UK to Italy (and everywhere in between), fantastic venues dot the landscape.

Fancy a tour across The Continent? Book your journey with GO Sport Travel, and they’ll take care of everything. But if you don’t know where to start, today’s blog will highlight five football stadiums you won’t want to miss.  

Allianz Arena – Munich, Germany

From the second you exit the U-Bahn, its colours will captivate you. Completed in 2005 for the World Cup, the Allianz Arena’s outer façade glows bright red, one of the colours of FC Bayern.

But that’s not its only trick. The LED lights on Allianz’s exterior panels can adapt any colour scheme the maintenance staff chooses.

Allianz Arena has room for 75,000 fans. But don’t count on the stadium having walk-up tickets – FC Bayern is among the Bundesliga’s top teams. As with all the stadiums on this list, plan ahead.

Stade de France – Paris, France

Paris isn’t just for lovers – it’s also home to Stade de France, France’s national stadium. So, it doesn’t host a Ligue 1 side.

But it hosts national team matches – both World Cup qualifiers and friendlies – as well as rugby matches, athletic events, and concerts.

And don’t worry about the weather. Whilst rain is possible throughout the year, Stade de France has a roof that shields all 80,000+ spectators from the elements (but not the players – pity.)

San Siro – Milan, Italy

Imagine if Celtic and the Rangers FC played out of the same stadium. It’s unthinkable.

But in Italy, that’s what Inter Milan and AC Milan do. Both call San Siro (AKA Giuseppe Meazza Stadium) their home.

Thankfully, there’s room for everyone, with more than 80,000 seats available. Now, if you’ve never been to Milan before, don’t fret about missing this place. It sticks out like a sore thumb on the city’s west side. Some say it resembles a spaceship.

But that doesn’t stop the faithful from both sides. When these two teams clash, these passionate supporters will divide your attention with their antics.

Camp Nou – Barcelona, Spain

Yes, Messi has left for America. But FC Barcelona and Camp Nou should not be left off your list of football hotbeds.

If you ever wanted to be part of a sea of supporters, Camp Nou’s 99,000-seat capacity offers that opportunity. And it’s not just the fans that makes this place special. In Barcelona, football is a way of life, as told by their slogan, “Mes que un club” (More than a club).

This team is akin to a religion. No, really – there is literally a chapel where players can pray before matches! 

Wembley Stadium – London, England

End your tour by taking in a match at Wembley Stadium. Like Stade de France, it is home to English National Team matches. However, it sees more action than you think, as it also hosts FA Cup and Champions League games.

But there’s more to this place than the on-the-field product. The new and improved Wembley boasts a soaring arch 133 meters above the pitch. To fully appreciate its grandeur, do see it in-person. 

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