During your travels to Amsterdam with kids (or without), the Artis Royal Zoo is a great attraction to visit. Here are just a few reasons to make a stop at this family-friendly attraction in the city.

Imagine: A Zoo in the Heart of the City!

Artis Royal Zoo is an oasis that was founded in 1838 in the heart of the city. Did you know that Artis Royal Zoo was the first zoo in The Netherlands? This Amsterdam zoo is located on the east side of the city center in the chic Plantagebuurt neighborhood. Like all attractions in Amsterdam, Artis Royal Zoo is easily reached by public transport.

Artis zoo in AmsterdamArtis zoo in Amsterdam — Photo courtesy of Anne de Buck

More than 900 Animals

In the Artis Royal Zoo, you can discover over 200 species of trees and more than 900 species of animals. Here, animals live together, like the giraffes and the wildebeests. Visit the lions and other big cats or watch the gorillas play in their huge home.

Stroll around in the lovely gardens with flowers during the spring and autumn. At Artis, you can even look under the water of an Amsterdam Canal and study planets and stars in the Planetarium. 

Great for Kids

Artis is very kid friendly. There are several playgrounds for children at the zoo. While the kids enjoy playing, you can relax and enjoy a cup of coffee under the trees. You will find food carts everywhere in Artis, all offering a nice refreshment or a warm drink during the cold weather months.

The park at ArtisThe park at Artis — Photo courtesy of Anne de Buck

Beautiful Architecture

The last few years, Artis Royal Zoo has totally renovated its space and made many improvements to the animal homes. Throughout the attraction, you can find beautiful 19th-century architecture. 

Other Highlights of Artis

Artis is located in a beautiful park. For a city zoo, there’s so much to see and do. Some of the highlights? 

– Aquarium: There’s a historic aquarium where you can discover the diversity of life under water. Make sure to see the aquarium with an example of a Amsterdam canal. You’ll be surprised how many fish live in the water!

– Butterfly pavilion: See the largest butterfly pavilion in The Netherlands, covering 1,000 square meters and housing thousands of butterflies.

– Planetarium: Watch one of the specie films in the  curved, 628-square-meter dome.

– Insectarium: Discover the large collection of insects at Artis Royal Zoo.

– Historic buildings: Artis has gorgeous listed monuments and many historical buildings and unusual gardens. 

Maybe the best souvenir to bring home from Amsterdam can be found in Artis Royal Zoo. Artis de Partis is the mascot of Artis!

During the summer months, Artis Royal Zoo is open in the evening every Saturday night. Make sure to check the website for the up-to-date schedule with events and performances.

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