The East Cape of Baja Sur in Los Cabos remains one of Mexico’s best-kept secrets. Just 45 minutes away from Los Cabos International Airport (SJD), and a world away from the Cabo crowds, Four Seasons Resort and Residences Los Cabos is situated along two miles (3200 metres) of pristine beachfront at the foothills of the Sierra de la Laguna Mountains on Baja’s East Cape.

To unlock the magic of this virtually untouched region, Chief Concierge and esteemed member of Les Clefs d’Or International Estefanía Cortez shares her top ten recommendations for an unforgettable East Cape adventure:

1. Enjoy the stunning Sea of Cortez!

A swimmable beach in Los Cabos is almost unheard of due to the strong waves and dangerous undercurrents on the Pacific Ocean side of the Baja peninsula. The resort’s location on the still waters of the Sea of Cortez offers guests a safe place to swim or enjoy water activities. And the Adventure Concierge team is stationed on the beach every day with complimentary stand-up paddle boards, kayaks and a Hobie catamaran – but also highly recommended is the water trampoline, which is meant to be enjoyed by kids and adults alike!

2. Explore Cabo Pulmo, a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Cabo Pulmo is considered to be one of the most prosperous marine reserves in the world. Spend the day discovering the oldest of only three coral reefs on the west coast of North America known for its hundreds of schooling jacks and mobula rays, sea lions, turtles, whales and resident bull sharks. Guests will enjoy a full day of snorkelling or diving in what Jacques Cousteau called “the aquarium of the world,” located just 45 minutes away. For a truly singular experience, travel to Cabo Pulmo aboard one of the boats that departs directly from the resort’s private marina.

3. Take part in a baby turtle release

Take part in a baby turtle release through the Four Seasons Resort and Residences Los Cabos Sea Turtles Program. From August to October, Costa Palmas, along with the local government, unite to protect the vulnerable Olive Ridley sea turtles that nest throughout the stunning Baja Mexico coastline. Approximately 19 miles (30 kilometres) of East Cape coastline are patrolled, rescuing turtle eggs from harmful prey. This intervention allows the sea turtles to grow and journey to the sea in a protected environment. Each year more than 300 turtle nests are relocated and planted in safe areas within the Costa Palmas property where they are protected and tracked.

4. Swim in a spring-fed waterfall at Sol de Mayo

Just 40 minutes from the Resort, Santiago is one of the first missions to settle in the foothills of the Sierra De La Laguna Mountains. Near the town, the canyons hide beautiful pools of fresh water that run on top of huge granite boulders, exotic vegetation and beautiful trails. Sol de Mayo waterfall at the Cañon de la Zorra is accessed with a hike that can be as easy or as advanced as the group requires.

5. Encounter the biggest fish in the sea

The majestic whale shark which measures up to 50 feet (14 metres). This incredible opportunity is available in very few destinations worldwide and Baja is lucky to be home to these gentle giants. This unforgettable day trip from the Resort takes guests to La Paz, where they spend the morning swimming alongside these mystical creatures, followed by an exciting afternoon exploring Baja’s capital city.

6. Hike to the Flat Rock

Hike to the Flat Rock for the most breath-taking views of the East Cape. This moderate hike is located just 10 minutes from the Resort and offers uninterrupted birds eye views of the Sea of Cortez, the Sierra de la Laguna Mountains – and all that is between.

7. Go off-road

Let your inner adventurer roam free and off-road through miles and miles of beach and trails that run along the Baja coast and see how truly vast the East Cape’s landscape is. Guests may choose to rip around the sand dunes, or take a scenic tour all the way to the lighthouse at Land’s End. Timing this adventure so that you are returning to the resort as the sun is setting is recommended to take full advantage of the kaleidoscopic colours of a Baja sunset.

8. Visit the historic community of El Triunfo

Visit the historic community of El Triunfo, where time seems to have stopped in the early 1900s. Originally a mining town, this charming village attracted travellers from all over the world, each in search of riches on the heels of the California gold rush in 1849. At one time, the population soared to 10,000, but there was a mass exodus in 1926 when the mines dried up. Today, the small town is home to less than 500 and many of the original buildings have been restored and converted in museums, boutiques and cafes. Do not miss the unique and hidden bar Café El Triunfo.

9. Go fishing in the Sea of Cortez

Fishing the Sea of Cortez is a must do. Considered one of the richest bodies of water on the planet, the resort offers guests fishing, sport fishing and spear fishing expeditions that depart directly from its private marina. Highly recommended the 65-foot (20 metre) Haterras yacht, which can comfortably accommodate up to 12 people. For the best experience, take this adventure first thing in the morning.

10. Go surfing

Nomad surfers from Southern California have been flocking to Los Cabos since the late 1950s in search of the perfect wave. Famous for consistently warm water, south swells, right-hand point breaks, and stunning desert scenery, the East Cape is surfer’s paradise.

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