One thing reflected from every corner of Saudi Arabia is the type of history that leaves everyone in awe of the region. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has it all, from the remnants of ancient civilizations and the most sacred sites of Islam to magnificent battlefields and prominent trade routes. Therefore, you will not run out of historical places in Saudi Arabia. But if you need to know where to start, we have a list of top historical places in Saudi Arabia. 

The untouched beauty of historical sites in the Kingdom reflects the region’s rich cultural and fascinating history. Saudi Arabia has taken necessary measures to preserve the ancient ruins as they represent the Kingdom around the world. Also, this is the Arab region where Islam was born. Therefore, it has countless sacred sites that are dear to Muslims and represent the history of one of the most prominent religions in the world. 

Have you got your Umrah packages from the USA and want to see the historical side of the Kingdom, too? You must know about these must-visit historical sites in the Kingdom. 

10 Top Historical Places in Saudi Arabia

Madain Salih

It is impossible to miss out on this spectacular historical site while listing must-visit historical sites in the region. This heritage site is among the most prominent archaeological sites worldwide. Nabataean civilization inhabited the area, and Madain Salih has well-preserved remnants of this ancient civilization. It is similar to Petra, Jordan, a world wonder. You will find massive tombs with ornate facades at this site. There are also some stunning cave art and pre-Nabataean inscriptions on the ruins of Madain Salih. 

Jubbah Hail

Jubbah Hail is another one of the must-visit archaeological sites in KSA. The history of Jubbah Hail goes back to the Mesolithic period. You will find sculptures and rock inscriptions of the era that reflect the fascinating history of the Kingdom. It is located in the Nafud desert. And what makes it more historic is its location on a historical caravan route. Therefore, you must visit Jubbah Hail to explore KSA’s history amidst a stunning desert. 

Mount Uhud

Are you interested in Saudi Arabia’s role in prominent battles or want to know more about Islamic history? In that case, you must visit Mount Uhud. This is where a famous Islamic battle occurred, named the Battle of Uhud. During this battle, Muslims fought against the pagans of Makkah. Prophet Muhammad (SAW) himself led Muslims in this battle. Therefore, the site has a particular historical essence and spirituality to it. 

Masmak Fortress

Masmak Fortress is located in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. King Abdulaziz seized this fortress in 1902 when he declared control over the city. Therefore, this fortress has a prominent part in the history of the Kingdom. This place has seen the birth of KSA and served as an inner defense for the city as a military fort. It is a great place to visit if you want an insight into the region’s vibrant culture. You can also attend any of the National celebrations at Masmak Fortress.

Ushaiqer Heritage Village 

Do you want to get a glimpse of the slow-paced Saudi Arabia? Undoubtedly, it is hard to imagine that Saudi Arabia once was a slow-paced region because of its rapid development and fast life. But the Ushaiqer Heritage Village gives you the perfect glimpse of ancient Saudi Arabia with its wooden and mud houses and narrow alleyways. It was home to the Bedouins some 1500 years ago.

Jawatha Mosque 

Jawatha Mosque is among the oldest mosques of Islam. It still stands on its ancient structure, allowing you to observe ancient Islamic architecture at its best. This mosque is built from sandalwood and clay, which intrigues the architecture-lovers. It is famous for hosting the Friday congregation prayers. 


Al-Balad, known as the Old Jeddah, was established in the seventh century. This historic city with a prominent trading port is a must-visit place in Saudi Arabia. The beautiful houses and dusty streets of Al-Balad are enough to make you fall in love with the Kingdom. Moreover, what makes it more attractive for Muslims is that this city is tainted with the footsteps of millions of pilgrims in the past as it served as a getaway to Makkah.

Murabba Palace

The Murabba Palace is another one of the historical landmarks in Riyadh. It perfectly reflects the Kingdom’s history, as it served as a home and court for King Abdul Aziz. The prominent Najdi architecture of this palace will surely attract you. So, visit this palace while you are in Saudi Arabia. 

Farasan Fort

There are countless historic sites, forts, and palaces in Saudi Arabia, and Farasan Fort is one of them. The structure of this fort represents the Ottoman rulers who might have ruled the panoramic Farasan island at some point in history. 

Ibrahim Palace

Ibrahim Palace is a famous historic landmark in Saudi Arabia built in 1555. This palace is beautifully constructed with Islamic architectural style and has a unique military essence. You might have heard about the first mosque in Islam. This mosque is located within Ibrahim Palace. 

Final Words

If you have availed of the Umrah packages 2024, you will travel to the Kingdom soon to perform the pilgrimage. Many people who are in the region for pilgrimage are also intrigued by its glorious history. So, you must know about the top historical places in Saudi Arabia if you want to explore the historic side of the Kingdom during your trip.

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