Seychelles Hotels – Variety of Seychelles Accommodation Choices

Seychelles Hotels – Have you chosen Seychelles that is rated among the world’s top ten scenic destinations as your spot for a relaxing as well as enjoyable vacation or honeymoon? Then you can be assured that Seychelles, along with its breathtaking surroundings comprising silver beaches, secluded coves and bays, and lush green areas rich in […]

Famous Travel Destinations of India

Jammu and kashmir Jammu and Kashmir has been famous for its beauty since time immemorial and was properly described as heaven on earth . The state has some of the best tourist spots in the entire country. Tourists not only India but also the world over come to appreciate the natural beauty of the state. […]

Maldives – Exotic Atolls

The Maldives have been called the Atolls of Enchantment. A vacation in the Maldives is a special experience. The Maldives are increasingly a popular tropical destination. In the Indian Ocean, about 500km from the southern tip of Sri Lanka, the Maldives are made up of 1190 atolls, on 87 of which are resorts. This is […]

India Tourist Attractions

India is one of the most culturally deep and historically rich countries on the planet. It may have gotten a bad rap in the movie “Slumdog Millionaire” but the country has much to offer those who choose it as a vacation destination. It is a country as steeped in customs and tradition as it is […]

The 3 Best Barbados Surf Spots

Surfing is really a thing for people of good taste. Good taste for fun. Good taste for leisure. Good taste for adventure. While surfers disagree as to which surfing spot is best in the world, they agree on one thing – that surfing is a one of a kind water sport and hobby that is […]

Hotels and Their Significance

A hotel can simply be defined as an establishment that provides lodging and this is paid by the customer on a short term basis. Hotels have grown a lot in terms of their usage and also in terms of their significance. The number of hotels a particular city has can determine how popular it is […]

The Best of the Best of Mexico

Let me color your vacations! Across Mexico, in villages and cities, in mountains, tropical coasts, and jungle settings, enchanting surprises await travelers. Mexico covers an area of 1,964,375 sq. km. and comprises 32 states. With its wide surface Mexico offers endless sceneries! Explore the multitude of heavenly landscapes during your Mexico vacations! The Mexico travel […]

Most Famous Pilgrimages Sites of India

India is the country of different religions. There are several scared sights of different religions spread throughout the country. The places of the country are emerging as the major tourism attractions around the world. Large populations of Indian as well as foreign tourists come visit these scared destinations throughout the year. Form the large list […]

Uganda’s Nature At Its Best

Ecologically, Uganda is where the East African savannah meets the Central African Jungle. Located in the geographical heart of the African continent, Uganda is not your ordinary safari destination. It is not everyday, and certainly not anywhere, that you have the luxury of holiday weather. The country’s inhabitants could be excused for taking that for […]

Victoria Falls – The Greatest Waterfall On Earth!

BASIC FACTS The Victoria Falls are on the Zambezi River, at the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe in southern Africa. They are one of the Great Natural Wonders Of The World. A mile across and 400 ft high, they form the largest vertical sheet of water in the world. They were “discovered” by David Livingstone […]