As someone who’s constantly on-the-go and often leaves packing to the last minute, I really appreciate products that make my life (and my travels) easier.

I’m generally quite a disorganized person, so if a product can help me feel more orderly, I’m all for trying it out. Every time I opened the Instagram app I was targeted by ads of Cadence Capsules – handy little travel-size containers that can hold your shampoo, conditioner and other beauty products.

What sets them apart is that they’re magnetic, and they fit together neatly in a honeycomb shape. Yes, you could buy cheap refillable plastic bottles from Amazon or CVS, but all those separate bottles can take up a good chunk space in your toiletry bag. Cadence containers snap together neatly, and are a fantastic, space-saving idea.

With their innovative solution and fun colors, I was definitely tempted to buy. The only thing stopping was the price – was it worth it to spend around $100 on some plastic containers for my liquids?

I put off the purchase for many months, but finally succumbed to the power of Instagram advertising. I made the purchase and I have to say, I LOVE them. I’m glad I waited to make the purchase though, because Cadence made some improvements to the design, which I’ll explain later in this article.

If you’re on the fence about whether to fork out the money for the Cadence travel containers, this review is meant to to help you out. I’ll deeply into what Cadence Capsules are, their origin, their pros and cons, and whether they genuinely live up to the hype.

Unveiling Cadence Capsules

Cadence Capsules are the brainchild of Cadence, a company that has made waves in the travel accessories market with its focus on sustainable, convenient, and stylish solutions for carrying personal care products.

These capsules are small, reusable containers designed to hold various personal care items and essentials, from shampoo and conditioner to vitamins and supplements. Crafted from a blend of recycled ocean-bound plastic, Cadence Capsules are as much about eco-consciousness as they are about travel convenience.

In essence, Cadence Capsules serve the dual purpose of helping travelers stay organized and reducing their environmental footprint.

They come with a unique hexagonal shape allowing for seamless magnetized connectivity, which means you can snap them together in any configuration that suits your travel needs. They’re also leak-proof, watertight and airtight, as well as being TSA compliant.

A Dive into the Company

Cadence is a woman-owned business founded by Steph Hon. With a mission to reduce single-use plastic waste and enhance the travel experience, the company has quickly carved a niche for itself.

Every aspect of Cadence, from its conception to its launch, is characterized by meticulousness and mindful decision-making. It took 207 prototypes, 4 patents, and several rescheduled launch dates to reach the final, perfected version of Cadence Capsules. The journey did not stop there; the success of the initial Capsule gave rise to the advanced product series, the Capsule Flex System, marking an ongoing pursuit of innovation, excellence, and growth.

Cadence Capsules are made with plastic found on beaches, which is collected by a company called Envision Plastics. This plastic is processed in California and North Carolina, and makes up about 20% of each finished capsule. The company also re-uses leftover “scrap” material by re-grinding it and re-integrating it into the material mix. This scrap material makes up a further 30% of each capsule.

Cadence Colors, Which One Did I Choose?

Cadence capsules in multiple colorsCadence capsules in multiple colors

The Cadence containers come in over ten different colors, including terracotta, eucalyptus, sand, pacific and lavender. They’ve also brought out some limited edition colors, including a set of nude colors and a set of pinks, which seem to be here to stay.

I’ll be honest I’m not a big fan of colors and prefer the neutral aesthetic throughout my home. This left me with a few choices – sand, eucalyptus and charcoal (the nude range hadn’t been released yet). The sand seemed to be the most popular on Instagram and TikTok, but I felt like it had too much of an off-white, yellowish color. Charcoal felt a bit dark, so I opted for the green, which reminds me of plants and nature.

Of course you could mix and match colors if you wanted, but I’m a bit OCD and need everything to match. Now that the nude colors have been released though, I really love those.

Selecting My Honeycomb

Cadence Capsules in greenCadence Capsules in green

I opted for the Flex System, not the Original capsules. A lot of people complained that the originals were too small, which was the main reason I put off my purchase in the beginning.

The originals came in one standard size, holding 0.56 ounces of product. If you’re using them for travel, then it’s likely you’ll want to use them for things like shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, sunscreen…liquid products that you’ll be using every day.

If you’re planning to carry multiple days worth of shampoo, the original capsules just seem far too small. I have long blonde hair, and I usually wash my hair every day while traveling otherwise it looks super greasy. So I need quite a bit of product.

The original capsules might be useful if you’re traveling for just 1 or 2 days, but not if you’re traveling for 5 days or a week.

Cadence’s Flex System seems to have taken over though, and the originals are quite difficult to find on the website. I presume these will be gradually phased out.

The Flex Capsules still have the hexagonal shape, but they come in three different sizes:

Small – Holds 0.56oz, suitable for things like serum, Advil and lip balm
Medium – 1.32oz, good for toner, shampoo and supplements
Large – 2.75oz, good for SPF, body lotion, conditioner

As you can see, these are much better sizes.

I ended up opting for 5 mediums, one large, and one small. I also got another small for free as part of a special offer.

I use the two small ones to store my cleansing balm and ibuprofen. I use the five medium-size capsules for shampoo, conditioner, body wash, moisturizer and then whatever product I feel like. Usually mouthwash but it could also work for nail polish remover.

The large contains my sunscreen.

It took me a bit of time to figure out what size and labels I wanted because I was building my own from scratch. Since the containers are opaque, they need labels to be able to tell each one apart. Cadence Capsules come with “tiles”, which are magnetic and can be removed and switched around. So if you change your mind about the labels at a later date, you could order more tiles.

I ended up with getting labels for shampoo, conditioner, body wash, moisturizer and cleanser. I then ordered labels with the sun icon and the pill icon, and one blank label for whatever random product I want to use.

If all this seems like a headache, Cadence offers pre-configured sets that already have the labels chosen for you. They also have sets curated by celebrities and influencers, that have special color combinations and fonts.

My Experience of Using Cadence Capsules

Filling up Cadence capsules with conditionerFilling up Cadence capsules with conditioner

Delivery of my Cadence Capsules took over a week because they have to put the labels into production if you’re choosing your own. When they arrived they came in very minimal packaging – no bubble wrap etc – which fits with the company’s eco-friendly ethos. The box is made from 100% recyclable cardboard, the shipping labels are compostable and the seed paper is plantable.

I’ve been using them for a few months now, and they haven’t leaked once. The tops are very secure and I just love how organized they make me feel. Whenever I have a trip, they’re just ready-to-go.

I don’t have to think about going to the store to buy mini bottles, and they’re easy to fill up. Unlike regular travel-size bottles on the market, these capsules have a large opening, so it’s easy to pour my product right when I’m prepping for a trip.

Of course the Cadence Capsules aren’t squeezable since they’re made of hard plastic, which means you can’t squeeze product out onto your hand. But honestly I’m happy about this, because I feel like I waste so much product with squeezy bottles. The product always gets stuck and it’s difficult to get the last drops of product out. With Cadence, I can get every last drop of product out. If you want help with getting product out of the capsules, you can buy a mini spatulas from Amazon.

The capsules fit very neatly into my Away Toiletry Bag, which is a bag I highly recommend if you’re a frequent traveler. I’ve had no problems with TSA when traveling with the capsules, and they’ve come with me on every trip.

Are there any drawbacks I can think of? A couple. They’re magnetic for the help of organization in your bag, but the magnets aren’t very strong. For example, if I held one capsule in the air and attached another two to it, the other two would just drop on the floor.

I also realized that when I travel to hotels, I still end up using the free shampoo and conditioner in the hotel rooms. So I actually found I don’t use my own haircare products all that much. However, I DO like that I travel more often with other parts of my skincare routine.

Pros of Cadence Capsules

Cadence Flex System containers in green with labelsCadence Flex System containers in green with labels

So what’s the verdict after several months of use? Here are all the pros and cons of Cadence travel containers.


One of the most significant advantages of Cadence Capsules is their contribution to reducing single-use plastics. By using these reusable capsules, travelers can significantly cut down on the waste generated from disposable travel-sized toiletries.

Customization and Versatility

With their magnetic joining system, the capsules can be snapped together in any configuration, making them incredibly versatile. Whether for a weekend getaway or a month-long expedition, you can customize the number and contents according to your trip’s needs. Each capsule has a magnetic “tile” and these tiles can be removed in case you want to switch contents. Cadence has tons of labels to choose from, and you can also create your own.

Durability and Design

Crafted from high-quality, recycled materials, Cadence Capsules are built to last. The attention to design is evident not just in their functionality but also in their aesthetic appeal. The sleek, minimalist design not only looks good; it’s also ergonomically crafted for easy use and storage. The capsules, are air-tight, leak proof, TSA compliant and BPA-free.

Leak-Proof and Secure

There’s nothing worse than reaching your destination to find your luggage drenched in shampoo. Cadence Capsules eliminate this issue with their leak-proof design, ensuring your belongings stay safe and dry. I’ve taken them on several trips and not had any problems with leakage.

Better Alternative to Regular Bottles

The regular clear travel size bottles often have very narrow openings, which can make it difficult to fill them up and get product out. Cadence Capsules have a wide opening, which makes prepping for travel a breeze. You’ll also waste less product.

Bring Your Entire Beauty Regime

Many people seem to love how Cadence Capsules allow you to bring your entire 5-step beauty regime on your travels. I addition to standard items like shampoo, conditioner and moisturizer, you can also pack products you might usually leave at home, such as serum, an exfoliating scrub and an eye mask. You can also use them to pack makeup for travel or put things like jewelry or daily vitamins in them.

Space Saving

These travel capsules save space, thanks to their unique hexagonal shape and magnetized honeycomb system. Instead of taking lots of different products in different bottles, you can just decant what you need into these capsules.

Fun Colors

Lastly they come in numerous different fun colors, and they just look so pretty! Whether you prefer pink, blue, purple or neutrals, Cadence offers a wide range of colors.

Contribution to a Larger Cause

By choosing Cadence Capsules, consumers are not just getting an innovative product; they’re also contributing to environmental conservation. It’s a purchase you can feel good about. Instead of relying on single-use bottles and products, you can re-use these capsules again and again and take all your favorite products.

Cons of Cadence Capsules

Despite their numerous benefits, Cadence Capsules are not without their downsides.

Price Point

The biggest stumbling block for many potential users is the cost. Priced higher than most travel-size bottles, the initial investment in Cadence Capsules may deter budget-conscious travelers. The pre-labelled Bestseller Set costs $152, while a Honeycomb Flex Set costs $154.

If you buy individually, The Flex Small costs $14, The Flex Medium costs $22 and The Flex Large costs $36. They’re very expensive.

However, they’re an investment that you’ll use for many years to come and if you’re a frequent traveler you’ll get many uses out of them.

To save money on Cadence Capsules, make sure you use my promo code, POMMIETRAVELS to get 15% off if it’s your first purchase.

Size Limitations

While the compact size of Cadence Capsules is part of their appeal, some users may find them too small for longer trips or for items that are used more liberally.

With the Flex medium and large sizes this isn’t so much of a problem anymore, but if you’re traveling with checked baggage and need large bottles then they may not be for you. Cadence Capsules are really designed for shorter trips of less than 2 weeks where you’ll only be flying with carry on and need liquids to be under 100ml.

Weak Magnetic Attachments

Though innovative, the magnetic feature might not appeal to everyone. If not handled properly, the capsules can detach, potentially causing inconvenience during travel.

Committing to Labels

Since these travel containers are opaque, you have to commit to choosing labels otherwise you won’t know what’s inside each one. Choosing what labels you’ll need and what container sizes you need can take a while! I’m a indecisive person so it probably took me an hour to figure out what color I wanted and what I wanted to put in each capsule.

Need to Order in Advance

If you just order regular clear bottles on Amazon, you’ll get them in 1 or 2 days if you have Amazon Prime. And if you pop down to CVS, you can pick up some containers instantly.

Cadence Capsules are only available online through their website, or through The Container Store. If you order a ready-labelled set then it will probably arrive pretty quickly, but if you order custom labels it will take longer. So if you’re going on a trip last minute, you may not get these in time.

Screw Cap Can Be Annoying

When I’m in the shower and using the Cadence Capsules with my shampoo and conditioner, I have to unscrew the lid with one hand and then put the lid down on the side somewhere so I can hold the capsule with one hand and pour it into my other hand. Because of the wide opening it then gets shower water inside the capsule. I’t a minor point, but something worth noting.

You can purchase Cadence Capsules online using their website.

Cadence offers free shipping over $65 and free returns within 60 days if you don’t like them for any reason. This is a very generous return policy!

To get 15% off Cadence, use my promo code POMMIETRAVELS

Cadence Capsules can also be purchased from The Container Store both in-store and online.

Final Verdict

I love my Cadence Capsules. I love the way they look, and I love that they make me feel more organized. I have a very ADHD chaotic brain, so when it comes to travel, it’s nice to have a product that’s thoughtfully designed and keeps everything neat and tidy.

These, combined with the Away Carry On and the Away Toiletry Bag, are my perfect travel combo. I’m less likely to forget things and I can easily find where everything is when I get to my hotel. No more hunting for ibuprofen or wondering where I put my moisturizer.

Yes they’re expensive, but they make great gifts for frequent travelers. For those who prioritize minimal environmental impact and style, Cadence Capsules are a game-changer, offering a unique solution in the quest for more sustainable and convenient travel.

Whether you’re a weekend warrior or a globetrotting nomad, these handy little travel containers will definitely make you feel more organized and allow you to bring your favorite products on vacation.

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