This unique nightlife spot’s been voted best club in Amsterdam for years in a row

Amsterdam is known for its many clubs and vibrant house music scene. It’s not for nothing that the best DJs of electronic music come from Holland. Club Trouw is a pop-up club that opened a few years ago. They now enter their last six months at their current location – a former newspaper press. (Don’t fret though: it’s said that Trouw will pop-up at a new location in 2015!) If you’re a techno lover, Club Trouw is a must-visit on your next city trip to Amsterdam.

The restaurant at Club TrouwThe restaurant at Club Trouw — Photo courtesy of Anne de Buck

Former Newspaper Press

One cool thing about Club Trouw is that it’s currently located in a building formerly used as a newspaper printing press. When you’re standing in the club, you can even see the old presses! The look of the club is very industrial and raw. It really gives you the East Berlin feeling.

Dinner, Too

Club Trouw is not only a club but also a restaurant. What is better than going for dinner and clubbing at the same venue? Especially when making a late reservation for dinner, it’s great to stay somewhere for some after-dinner drinks and go straight to the club. Trouw in Amsterdam is just the place to do this. 

The restaurant at Club Trouw is very green and looks like an in-house Mediterranean garden, where a wall of hanging plants and other natural materials contrast with the industrial feeling of the building. (The walls are plain concrete!)

Shared dining is the concept of Club Trouw. Just like the green walls, the menu is Mediterranean inspired, with flavors from the Mediterranean Sea, North Africa and the Middle East. At Trouw, you won’t find a traditional starter or main course on the menu; all dishes are made to share with your friends, medium-sized and greatly influenced by the veggies of the season.

Warm Weather? Try the Terrace

During the summer months, Club Trouw also has a lovely sunny terrace on the Wibautstraat in Amsterdam. The terrace is open from 4:00 p.m. (16.00 hours) until the end of September, if the weather is nice. Also when there’s good weather, a pizza food truck comes by on Sunday afternoons.

This former newspaper building in Amsterdam is now a clubThis former newspaper building in Amsterdam is now a club — Photo courtesy of Public Domain

Club Trouw

But let’s talk a bit more about Club Trouw! Most nights at Club Trouw are known for the techno music, and most of the parties at this club are sold out every weekend. The lines can be long, and the door host can be rude, so make sure to check out the agenda for the evening of your visit and blend in.

That basically means to dress like a hipster. (A student-style hipster or yuppy hipster will do.) After all, the crowd can vary from students to 30-somethings and up. Club Trouw has strict door policies, though. So please check them in advance, and leave your suit at home. 

For more information, visit Trouw’s website.

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