Explore Barcelona’s enchanting bakeries, where an array of artisanal treats await. Each establishment guarantees an exquisite range of freshly baked breads, delightful pastries, crunchy croissants, and delightful cakes, making the city a true haven for bakery enthusiasts. So, let’s delve into the top 8 bakeries that Barcelona has to offer!


For those in search of a sustainable bakery, Origo awaits you. Located in the Gràcia neighbourhood, this haven is renowned for its commitment to solely using ancient grains and organic ingredients. Origo’s ethos is simple yet inspiring, and revolves around delivering tasty offerings whilst also contributing to a sustainable environment.

Origo creates a community of mindful consumers, ensuring that visitors can purchase delectable artisan products that accurately align with their values. From delectable breads and pastries to natural wines and craft beers, Orgio stands as an inspiration, promoting positive choices regarding consumerism and the environment.

Areca Bakery

This top vegan bakery focuses on providing artisan donuts, but in their most natural and sustainable form possible. At Areca Bakery, minimal sugar content, sustainability, and veganism are all key components in the bakery’s ethos and practices.

The staff at Areca Bakery believe that indulgence shouldn’t compromise the environment, nor your health, and to support this, the bakery ensures that their creations are free from added preservatives and are freshly baked everyday. So, you can thoroughly savour a Red Velvet, Oreo cheesecake, or Biscoff donut, without feeling guilty!

Although the bakery is specialised in offering plant-based donuts, Areca Bakery’s target audience is not limited to just vegans. Here, everybody is welcome to explore the versatile world of veganism, regardless of their diet choices.

Primate Bakehouse

Primate Bakehouse is one of the finest bakeries in Barcelona for flavourful breads. Located in the charming Eixample neighbourhood, this artisan bakery is diverging from the norms of traditional bread making, and is instead creating a new realm for patrons to explore.

Primate Bakehouse completely redefines the art of crafting bread. Here, innovative flavours are combined with traditional recipes, offering visitors a new twist on their favourite breads. Not only does the bakery’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of creativity demonstrate their passion for creating incredible flavours, but it also forms a truly memorable and unique experience for patrons. 

Despite continuously exploring new flavours, this baking haven is dedicated to keeping one aspect the same, their natural fermentation techniques. By keeping this one method consistent throughout all of their creations, the overall taste is enhanced and high quality excellence is guaranteed in each new product.


Located close to the beach, Baluard has become a baking paradise, charming visitors with its rich history and inspiring family legacy. As patrons enter this idyllic bakery they are immersed into a sensory experience, whereby the aroma of irresistible bread fills the air, leading each visitor to the incredible array of offerings that await them.

Baluard’s incredible expertise in breadmaking is evident through its impressive selection of 18 different kinds of bread, all crafted from wheat, rye, or spelt flour, to truly enhance the flavours. The use of organic and natural ingredients is a priority for this bakery, as it not only enhances the taste of each of their offerings, but also reflects Baluard’s unwavering dedication to sustainability. 

Baluard is not simply a bakery, it is an example of the traditional artistry of breadmaking, where each loaf is a true masterpiece that reflects a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation. Here, every visitor becomes a key character in Baluard’s story and its impressive family legacy continues.

Candela Canela

This quaint bakery has captured the hearts of Barcelona’s locals with its artisan cinnamon rolls. Handcrafted to perfection, Candela Canela is undoubtedly one of the finest bakeries in the city for a sweet treat.

Although the bakery is relatively small, visitors should expect a large selection of rolls to choose from. With innovative flavours like Nutella, cheesecake, or Biscoff, as well as the beloved classic cinnamon roll, there is guaranteed to be a roll to satisfy your cravings.

Pasteleria Hofmann

Pasteleria Hofmann is arguably one of the most famous bakeries in Barcelona, and rightfully so. The bakery has won numerous awards since opening, and is dedicated to providing excellence in each of its creations.

A diverse range of delectable treats are presented within the bakery, including handcrafted chocolates, cakes, pastries, and timeless classics. Each creation ensures a heavenly experience that reflects the bakery’s unwavering commitment to high standards. 

Top quality standards are maintained throughout the entire baking process thanks to Silvia Hofmann, the current owner of Pasteleria Hofmann. Her aspiration is to achieve perfection in every aspect of the bakery, from the careful selection of ingredients and the immaculate presentation of each creation, to the pristine and aesthetic interior and charming atmosphere. Here, visitors are not just promised delightful offerings, but also a truly incredible experience.

Jon Cake

When discussing Barcelona’s finest bakeries, we cannot miss the incredible Jon Cake bakery. Renowned for its sensational cheesecakes, this bakery rose to fame during the covid pandemic, and it has since gone on to become one of the best establishments in the city.

The bakery’s widespread recognition on social media and excellent reputation in the culinary world is well and truly deserved. Jon Cake adapts a dynamic approach to its menu, offering a unique flavour each month, an exciting daily special, and of course an array of traditional style cheesecakes. The ever-changing options, alongside the classic favourites, ensures that dessert enthusiasts can be truly satisfied. 

The cheesecakes are handmade and baked daily, guaranteeing the utmost freshness in every slice, and providing a delightful experience for all visitors. For those wanting to visit the sensational Jon Cake bakery, we highly recommend visiting as soon as the bakery opens, as queues quickly form outside the bakery’s doors.


Xavier Barriga opened his first Turris bakery in 2008, completely unaware of the tremendous success that would follow. His aspiration of creating real bread again captured the hearts of locals and visitors alike, and today Barcelona is home to more than 15 Turris bakeries.

With more than 70 types of bread available, Turris has created a new standard of baking and is hugely influencing the city’s baking scene. Although the wide variety of breads is impressive, it is the quality of each creation that truly captivates visitors. Only the finest ingredients are selected by Xavier Barriga ensuring that his baked goods are nothing less than perfect. 

Alongside running a successful bakery, the owner is also passionate about sharing his knowledge of baking with others through his online and in-person lessons. His commitment to baking has earned the bakery a devoted local following, and has made Turris a household name in Barcelona.

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