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Your Awesome Holidays in Puglia

Puglia is a southern region of Italy, precisely in the “high heel of the boot.” Its capital is Bari, and its coastline is bathed by two seas, the Adriatic Sea and the Ionian Sea. Ahhh, Bellissimo!

Puglia is a region waiting to be explored by you. Yes, you, especially if you’re the kind of person that loves visiting countries in their authentic culture, avoiding the cliché of touristic places. In that case, then Puglia holidays are what you need! Here, you won’t hear anyone around you speaking your language. It’s hard to imagine when you think about Italy, considering that it is one of the main tourist attractions, but there’s a little corner only known by domestic tourism. In other words, it is the point of the Italians in the summer. Keep reading and find out more.

Puglia, the hidden pearl of Italy

To visit this beautiful area, we suggest you take at least a week to enjoy the surrounding of Puglia. 

What is the best modality to visit Puglia? The best pattern is, of course, fly in and rent a car at the airport (Rome, Bari, Foggia airport are some of the closest for international flights). Renting the car, of course, gives you all the freedom you need to stop whenever you want wherever you are. Just take a stroll or a dip in the crystal blue sea of Puglia.

Another way to get the best of your Puglia holidays is to get a private tour of this Region. You will explore and experience things you never even dream about. You can visit a wine degustation in a private canteen overlooking the hills and Puglia’s unique landscape or visit the best beaches.

The seashore is spectacular, and you can even find a beach named Maldives of Salento, we can let you figure out why on your own. But this is not only Puglia’s main attraction. The marvel of this place is its little picturesque villages.

All the cities that you’re going to walk through are going to take your breathe away. Beautiful and super interesting. You will walk a lot, through all of them and it is going to be hard to tell which one is more beautiful. Each one is particular, but they all have an enchanting Italian appearance. For those who have never been to Italy and don’t know what the Italian presence is, we’ll try to explain! There’s a touch of something poorly cared for, houses with wrecks falling, narrow streets, little scrolls piled up with flower beds on the windows, churches and more churches, gorgeous beaches, delicious food, and wine… that’s more or less Italy! For some people, it’s impossible to walk the streets without taking pictures. If you love photography, this is another reason to come to this paradise (as if it wasn’t enough), this is one of the turquoise blue and inexplicable green-water heavens.

Here are some of the most beautiful places to visit.


Alberobello is a beautiful small town, full of ‘Trulli’ white houses with stone conic shaped roofs. Many of them have symbols drawn on the ceilings. These symbols represent protection for the families who live there. It is enchanting and looks like a movie set. It is not without purpose that the “Trulli” are UNESCO World Heritage Site. Alberobello has a unique appearance, definitely worth the visit, and why not worth a stay of a night in one of the Trulli houses.


Ostuni, also known as ‘Cittá Bianca’, meaning White city: is characterized by its houses, with walls, windows, doors, stairs, all entirely white. Everything is so impeccably white that it makes the reflection of the sun uncomfortable for the eyes. Today only part of its historical center continues like this; an aperitivo here is an experience to make, surrounded by the white, the flowers on the windows, and in the gardens: everything here is beautiful!


Porto Badisco, a small beach that you find along the coastal road (direction Otranto/Leuca). It is a paradise on earth. What a wonderful place! The boats that float in its calm and transparent waters seem to be a painting.


Santa Maria di Leuca is a fraction of the city of Castrignano del Capo and doesn’t even have much to visit, but right at its tip, on top, there is a sanctuary where you can see a beautiful sunset.

Allora… speaking of practical things, you can book in advance, including the hotels. You can stay in Bed and Breakfast, which they call ‘affittacamere’ (houses that rent rooms) and also in those that they call ‘agriturismo’ (these are similar to hotel farms).

You can make all the reservations on the internet also for a private tour.

What are you waiting for? Book your Puglia holidays now and be ready to be amazed!

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