You are currently viewing XMAS & NEW YEAR: Chicago to Helsinki, Finland for only $387 roundtrip

XMAS & NEW YEAR: Chicago to Helsinki, Finland for only $387 roundtrip

Christmas and New Year flights from Chicago to Helsinki, Finland for only $387 roundtrip with Air France and KLM.


Chicago, USA


Helsinki, Finland


Chicago, USA


Availability from September 2021 to January 2022 (excluding Christmas)

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11th-18th Sep
11th-20th Sep
12th-19th Sep
14th-19th Sep
14th-23rd Sep
15th-20th Sep
15th-22nd Sep
15th-24th Sep
17th-22nd Sep
17th-24th Sep
17th-26th Sep
18th-25th Sep
18th-27th Sep
19th-26th Sep
22nd-27th Sep
22nd-29th Sep
22nd Sep – 1st Oct
24th-29th Sep
24th Sep – 1st Oct
24th Sep – 3rd Oct
25th Sep – 2nd Oct
25th Sep – 4th Oct
26th Sep – 3rd Oct
28th Sep – 3rd Oct
29th Sep – 4th Oct
29th Sep – 6th Oct
29th Sep – 8th Oct
1st-6th Oct
1st-8th Oct
1st-10th Oct
2nd-9th Oct
2nd-11th Oct
3rd-10th Oct
5th-10th Oct
5th-14th Oct
6th-11th Oct
6th-13th Oct
6th-15th Oct
8th-13th Oct
8th-15th Oct
8th-17th Oct
9th-16th Oct
9th-18th Oct
10th-17th Oct
12th-17th Oct
12th-21st Oct
13th-18th Oct
13th-20th Oct
13th-22nd Oct
15th-20th Oct
15th-22nd Oct
15th-24th Oct
16th-23rd Oct
16th-25th Oct
17th-24th Oct
19th-24th Oct
19th-28th Oct
20th-25th Oct
20th-27th Oct
20th-29th Oct
22nd-27th Oct
22nd-29th Oct
22nd-31st Oct
23rd-30th Oct
24th-31st Oct
24th Oct – 2nd Nov
26th-31st Oct
26th Oct – 2nd Nov
27th Oct – 3rd Nov
27th Oct – 5th Nov
29th Oct – 3rd Nov
29th Oct – 7th Nov
30th Oct – 6th Nov
31st Oct – 7th Nov
31st Oct – 9th Nov
1st-10th Nov
2nd-7th Nov
2nd-9th Nov
4th-9th Nov
4th-13th Nov
6th-13th Nov
7th-14th Nov
7th-16th Nov
8th-17th Nov
9th-14th Nov
9th-16th Nov
11th-16th Nov
11th-20th Nov
13th-20th Nov
14th-21st Nov
14th-23rd Nov
15th-24th Nov
16th-21st Nov
16th-23rd Nov
18th-23rd Nov
18th-27th Nov
20th-27th Nov
22nd Nov – 1st Dec
23rd-28th Nov
23rd-30th Nov
25th-30th Nov
25th Nov – 4th Dec
27th Nov – 4th Dec
27th Nov – 6th Dec
28th Nov – 5th Dec
29th Nov – 6th Dec
29th Nov – 8th Dec
30th Nov – 5th Dec
4th-11th Dec
4th-13th Dec
5th-12th Dec
6th-13th Dec
6th-15th Dec
7th-12th Dec
9th-18th Dec
11th-18th Dec
11th-20th Dec
12th-19th Dec
13th-20th Dec
13th-22nd Dec
14th-19th Dec
25th Dec – 1st Jan
25th Dec – 3rd Jan
28th Dec – 3rd Jan
28th Dec – 4th Jan
28th Dec – 5th Jan
30th Dec – 5th Jan
30th Dec – 6th Jan
30th Dec – 7th Jan
30th Dec – 8th Jan
2nd-9th Jan

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Air France




Christmas and New Year flights from Chicago to Helsinki, Finland for only $387 roundtrip with Air France and KLM. Flight deal ticket image.

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