As the winter season dawns upon us, the ski/snowboarding season begins. Whether you are planning on going away on a luxury holiday with your family or are working on a tight budget with a big group of friends, there is something for everyone to choose from. Besides, who would be able to resist the snowy mountains, beautiful crisp clean air, snowball fights and a chance to laugh at your friends falling in the snow.

Budget up to about £500: If you are looking for a budget holiday with your family or friends then Andorra or Bulgaria are the best options. Not only for value for money, but these are ideal for beginners too, a great way to master the art of skiing/snowboarding. There are some great deals out there on the web for a budget holiday such as Directski which offer great prices for both, Balkanholidays or Bulgariaskiing which specialises in skiing in Bulgaria or Igluski or Andorra-ski-express which specialises in Andorra.

Middle between £500 – £900: Have a little bit more to spend but can’t quite go that far for a luxury holiday? There is something for everyone at J2ski which offer great deals in Norway, Italy and many other destinations. Beautiful places to ski for beginners and intermediate ski/snowboarders.

Luxury sky is the limit £900+: If you want the ultimate ski/snowboarding experience with your family or friends, why not think about booking an entire chalet and get your very own chef, steam room, jacuzzi and even an outdoor hot tub if you are lucky. Skiinluxury and Skichalets offer some exclusive chalets for groups and families all over the world. If you want to go to Europe such as Austria, France or Italy or over to the US and Canada, there are some great offers with some beautiful scenery and tranquility.

As the transfer from the airport to the mountain can be expensive, why not think about hiring a car to get yourself up there. There are many advantages to this.

You can relax and take your time rather than being rushed by a transfer. You can be much more comfortable rather than cramped in a coach with other people. You can go straight to your destination rather than having to wait for everyone else to be dropped off

So why not think about a car hire for your ski/snowboarding holiday.

Source by Seetal Udeshi

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