Why Use CBD Oil For Horses?

Why Use CBD Oil For Horses?

Taking care of any animal is one of the toughest challenges that you might face. It might not be as complicated as taking care of a child, but it still has its issues. For one, not all animals have the same needs as with others. They were probably not meant for domestication either, as you can see in this article. As humans, though, it seems that we have that evolutionary trait of keeping other creatures safe unless they are for food. 

However, some animals made it through not because of their companionship but for hard labor. You would usually find them on a farm, working on various agricultural tasks. One of the most popular options back before the age of tractors and other technology are horses. They make up almost the entirety of any farm in the West. In other countries, they use buffaloes and camels instead of horses, but they usually function in the same way.

These days, it is so much more common to see these animals in the stables of those who can afford them. In some farms or stations, people still have them but not as much as before. Horses became an unimportant part of society as cars and other vehicles became a thing. Sometimes, they can also join competitions such as races, but most owners tend to have them because of their majesty. It also helps that anyone who owns several of them is already considered an affluent individual. 

Common Equine Problems

Unfortunately, horses can also face a multitude of health issues. It seems that one of the more popular solutions for this has been CBD or cannabidiol. You have already heard of this so-called wonder drug, as it has been discussed extensively in various mediums worldwide. It has been controversial because of its illegal nature, as most countries still consider it dangerous.

You might be thinking about how CBD can help your horses, as it is supposed to be for human consumption, right? Its primary use is indeed for humans, as it is an effective way to relax and unwind. With cannabis still not legalized here in the US, people are now looking into alternatives like hemp for a CBD source. These alternatives have led to numerous discoveries about its potential, including being a pet supplement. According to many users, it seems to be rather significant with most domesticated mammals like horses. 

A primary function of cannabidiol is a painkiller. According to https://pethempcompany.com/products/cbd-oil-for-horses, many owners have seen it work with their animals. Pain can come from many sources, but it is most commonly associated with injuries and internal problems. CBD can help by keeping their senses dull, which can help them manage the pain more quickly. The pain might not go away immediately, but it can be a great first aid while still contacting a veterinarian.

Meanwhile, cannabidiol is also great for behavioral issues with these equines. As you all know, some of these critters can act up because of their surroundings or previous trauma. This trauma can lead to potential injuries, either to themselves to a rider. With CBD in their system, it can keep them calmer yet still alert enough in situations when they need it. However, it is often ill-advised riding a horse while under the influence of this particular drug.

Other Uses And Caveats

There are other uses that owners have discovered also backed by scientific evidence. For example, rashes are rampant in horses staying outside and exposed to harmful plants and other substances. Cannabidiol extract can be used as an ointment, helping the equine feel more comfortable and forget the abrasive rash. It also has the potential to heal said rash, but this depends on why they have it in the first place. 

As a horse owner and lover, it is crucial to consult a veterinarian before giving your horse any medication. Even though CBD is proven to be effective, not all animals need them at a given time. There are certain situations only in which you can use this drug. Also, you need to know the right cannabidiol dosage that you are supposed to give to your animal. The CBD oil or extract should also be pure, without any mix from other compounds or substances. 

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