Why Traveling Is Important: Hit the Road and Reap Awesome Benefits

Why Traveling Is Important: Hit the Road and Reap Awesome Benefits

Debating whether to stay home and catch a movie or hit the road and explore the world? Choose the latter! Here are reasons why traveling is important.

The U.S. travel industry contributed $2.5 trillion to the economy in 2018. Additionally, four out of five domestic trips — or 80% — are for leisure. Those trips accounted for 1.8 billion that year alone.

These people know why traveling is important. Do you? It’s time for you to take a trip of your own. See what all the fuss is about.

Or if you’ve already traveled, do it again. And again. Reap the benefits of traveling over and over, because they’re always changing and growing, just as we are. So, other than having a great time, why should you spend the time and money on vacation? Why not just stay home and relax, stay-cation style?

Keep reading to find out.

Try New Food

Food is perhaps the simplest (but most scrumptious) of the reasons to travel. Do you love Mexican food? Have you even had authentic Mexican food before? You may find that things you love in the States are much different in their place of origin. Many cultures eat things we don’t here, or at least do so unconventionally. Take a chance on some Asian fusion or pho (or that thing you can’t even pronounce). Take a big bite out of culture.

Dabble in Another Language

Say you’re traveling internationally, some place where you don’t speak the language. This can actually offer massive health benefits. Learning another language improves intelligence and memory, staves off diseases like Alzheimer’s and dementia, and increases your concentration levels. Plus, how great will you feel when you successfully order an entree in Portuguese? French? Spanish?

Improve Your Mental and Physical Health

Did you know that traveling can help those with depression or anxiety? Additionally, you’re spending less time sitting down. Let’s say your job is one that requires you to sit in an office all day. When traveling, it’s likely you’re out exploring, immersing yourself in the hustle and bustle.

This makes you smarter, too. Your brain enjoys a challenge, as routine can make it stale. Attempting to read a foreign language or navigating unknown streets can improve your brain’s health and longevity.

Experience Another Culture

It’s time to get out of your comfort zone. There’s a reason why some of the smartest people cite taking different routes home from work every night as one of their go-to methods of staying mentally fresh. Sometimes, doing the same-old is a recipe for a stale, stagnant lifestyle.

Let yourself experience what life is like in another country, state, world. How do they navigate the city? What’s their schedule like, transportation, education system? For example, did you know most shops in Spain close from 2-5 pm? That’s because it’s siesta time. This allows them to limit their working hours, stay out of the mid-day heat, and party into the late hours. They also get to enjoy a long lunch and an afternoon nap. It’s safe to say we don’t do that in the U.S.!

Traveling does you a world of good. From experiencing different cultures and lifestyles to getting lost or coming out of your comfort zone, to asking for directions in a foreign language — these are experiences you can’t have in your city. Or even your state. Now that you know why traveling is important, we hope you make it a priority. Not only now, but forever. As you change and grow, you’ll reap new benefits from every trip.

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