Why adventure packages are changing the way families explore Colorado

Why adventure packages are changing the way families explore Colorado

There’s no doubt that the Rocky Mountains offer endless opportunities for outdoor adventures like Arkansas River white water rafting. However, with so many options it’s not always easy to pack in every activity that you want to do. Especially for families with multiple children, making the most of a trip to Colorado depends on saving room for activities that make everyone happy. That’s why many families are opting for multi-sport adventure packages. 

These packages allow you to bundle multiple activities into one trip so that they satisfy everyone while providing the most bang for their buck. It’s a new way for groups to explore the outdoors, and it’s taking mountain vacations to the next level. Read on to see why adventure packages are making vacations more exciting and worthwhile.

Bundling Saves Travel Time

Miles and miles of adventure also mean many miles traveling between destinations. For example, you might plan your trip to hike in Rocky Mountain National Park in the morning and then go whitewater rafting in Clear Creek in the afternoon. This would require a two-hour commute between Estes Park and Idaho Springs. If you plan multiple excursions for one day, traveling between destinations can take quite a bit of time. 

On the other hand, companies that offer multi-sport adventures partner with companies that are located nearby. You can move from one adventure to the next without having to travel for several hours. This saves considerable travel time and gas money. You’ll be able to enjoy your time in the Colorado sun rather than spending hours in a stuffy car. 

It’s One-Stop Planning

Another benefit of bundling your activities is that you don’t have to coordinate multiple adventure companies. Rather than going through separate companies for biking and ATVing or kayaking and fishing, you can invest in one package put together by multiple partnered companies. These outdoor companies and guides will figure out the travel and equipment details for you. This streamlines any issues with equipment and scheduling so that you can have fun instead of juggling multiple plans. 

Package Deals Save Money

Since you can go through one company instead of paying multiple guides separately, you also save money when you bundle your outdoor sports. Partnered companies can offer you a lower price for multi-sport adventures. Some programs even offer discounts for large groups. Package deals, therefore, offer more bang for your buck, which is essential for staying within vacation budgets. 

You Can See More of Your Destination

Since you aren’t limited to one activity per day, you and your family can see more of your destinations. Canon City offers multi-sport adventures so you can see this stunning area from multiple perspectives. You can buy a rafting package that combines rafting or zip-lining or ATVing to explore above and below the Royal Gorge. Packages like these offer a rare 360-degree view of your destination. 

There’s Something for Everyone

Multi-sport packages are especially beneficial for groups because everyone can get the chance to enjoy the adventures they want. Plus, you can tailor activities to different skill levels. Families with younger kids can bundle safe, yet exciting sports such as zip-lining, hiking, and kayaking. On the other hand, there are packages with more autonomous thrill-seeking activities for older kids. If you’re carpe diem travellers who want more of a rush, you can bundle adventures such as mountain climbing, biking, and whitewater rafting. Packaging allows you to add more activities to your itinerary so that every person gets their fill of adventure. 

Bundle Your Trip For More Adventure

Colorado offers countless adventure sports, from paragliding to mountain biking to whitewater rafting. There really is something for everyone. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be stressful filling your trip with multiple adventures. Adventure packages save time, money, and hassle. Plus they allow you to see the outdoors from new and exciting perspectives, all in one trip. 

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