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Where to Visit When the Travel Ban is Lifted? 

Where do you long to visit? While the UK is in lockdown and the furthest that we can travel is to the end of the garden, why not use this time to really plan your next holiday for when the travel ban is lifted?  

Drawing up a summary of the places you’ll be heading to when this is all over is the perfect way to dream of the good things to come. So, where to begin? Here’s some inspiration to keep you ticking over.  

The Great Blue Hole 

For divers, the Great Blue Hole is a truly awesome destination. Beneath the glittering waters, you can explore all the Belize Barrier Reef has to offer, from a series of caverns to the stalactites that started out above sea level millennia ago before becoming part of this underwater world.  

Mont-Saint-Michel Abbey 

Not too far from the UK Channel Island of Jersey lies Mont-Saint-Michel, a gothic abbey that towers over its surrounding village. This French monastery is steeped in history and is an impressive showcase of striking architecture. Take a walk through the pilgrimage passage that appears once a day as the tide recedes and make your way to this spectacular holy site.  

Aurora Borealis  

The Northern Lights have captivated spectators for thousands of years. This naturally occurring light show can be seen from several locations in the northern hemisphere, but it’s Iceland where you’ll get the best views of these beautiful lights. Head to the country’s Thingvellir National Park and wait for the big event to begin.  

Great Wall of China 

The Wall can be seen from space – and with good reason. This structure stretches for over 12,000 miles and took over 2,000 years to build, making it one of the most impressive constructions mad by man.  

The first complete wall was linked together in around 221BC and the final wall completed during the Ming Dynasty between the 1300s and 1600s. Whichever part of this wall you intend to explore, you’re sure to feel a connection with those that created this piece of history as you walk along.  

The Tower of London 

As a UK resident, being a tourist in your own country might not feature heavily on the must-do list, but the Tower of London is an attraction not to be missed. With its grisly history, filled with royal prisoners and untimely ends, there are plenty of tales to uncover here, plus the Crown Jewels to see. And for something truly special, head here after dark to experience the Ceremony of the Keys, when the main gates are locked for the night.  

It’s easy to get to the capital. You can hop on a budget-friendly off-peak train journey and be there in no time. In fact, when the ban is lifted, you could begin your travels right here at home before venturing further afield. What do you think? Where will you begin your next adventure?  

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