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Where to Go When Heading to Colorado

Visiting a new place is usually a great time, but without proper planning, it can go south fairly quickly. This planning comes in the form of not just making sure you have a place to stay and a way to get around, but also to have an idea of the kinds of things you want to experience while you’re there. Spontaneity is fun, to be sure, but if you lack some structure to your trip, then you may find yourself missing out on the great things to do in Denver. To help you avoid making that mistake, we have selected just some of the wonderful events on offer in Denver.

A Sporting Event

Given that Denver is a relatively small city compared to other cities, one might not expect it to have a large sports scene. That is where they would be wrong. In fact, Denver is the city with the lowest population to sport four professional sports teams: the Denver Nuggets (basketball), the Denver Broncos (football), the Colorado Rockies (baseball), and the Colorado Avalanche (hockey). This is because people in Denver are just that passionate about sports.

Union Station

If ever there was a historical landmark that you want to see, Denver Union Station is one of the ones you shouldn’t miss. Dating all the way back to 1881, Denver Union Station served as an important location as people travel to and fro by train through this station. Nowadays, the station no longer serves in that capacity, instead serving to celebrate its rich history as well as provide visitors a number of wonderful amenities, ranging from bars to restaurants to shops to explore.

Botanic Gardens

Nature is lovely, and as such, the people who manage Denver Botanic Gardens have taken great care in cultivating it. The gardens have a wide variety of beautiful foliage, sure to please just about any nature fan, no matter what kinds of plants they enjoy. For people visiting over the holidays, the gardens even put up some beautiful lighting to celebrate, so make sure you don’t miss it!

Molly Brown House Museum

Sadly, all too many historical sights have been utterly demolished over time, and Denver was not safe from this initiative. The major reason for this is that, as cities and businesses sought to make more money, the budget demanded that older buildings be torn down instead of improved. Thankfully, in the 1970s, the home of late Titanic survivor Margaret Brown was rescued, and repurposed into a museum to honor her memory. The Molly Brown House Museum teaches visitors about her activism and philanthropy, as well as her desire to provide educational opportunities. It should come as no surprise that she had a passion for helping others, as she notably had to be placed in the lifeboat because she wouldn’t stop trying to help people get on.

Craft Breweries

One of the things that Colorado is most well-known for is its craft brewery scene, a great scene for anyone who wants to enjoy traditional brews by smaller breweries. There are more than 300 registered breweries in the state of Colorado, and Colorado is the biggest producer of beer per capita compared to any other state. Thus, it comes at no surprise that Denver and other Colorado cities have such a strong craft brewery scene. There are more craft breweries in the area, and

Twilight Ghost Tour

It may seem strange to some, but many people love to be scared. Having a chill sent down your spine by hearing a terrifying story can be exhilarating to these people, and if you count yourself among this kind of person, you have to check out the Twilight Ghost Tour. This tour seeks to take people through Denver’s Capitol Hill, a neighborhood with plenty of areas rumored to be haunted. Not only this, but your tour guide will teach you about some of the scariest and most paranormal events in Denver’s history.

Kirkland Museum of Fine & Decorative Art

Fine art is a lovely thing, and that’s why the curators of the Kirkland Museum of Fine & Decorative Art have sought to preserve and exhibit some of the best available. The museum collects art dating back to 150 years ago, with 30,000 pieces of art created by more than 1,500 artists and designers. The museum has three primary collections on display: one that seeks to feature a wide gamut of design period styles, a Colorado and regional collection spanning the period of 1845 to present, and a gallery dedicated to Colorado painter Vance Kirkland.

How to Visit These Places 

Once a person arrives after a flight, one of the first things people have to do is figure out how they are going to get around. For most, the best solution to this is to rent a car, and inevitably, they will want to find the best car rental near Denver airport. The perfect mix of proximity and quality, now that’s the dream.

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