With the holidays kicking off the winter season, it’s a great time to make fond new memories with your loved ones. And there are so many ways to enjoy this frosty time of year! You can travel to a snowy destination that offers winter activities and cozy nights by the fire, go ice skating at one of the best rinks in the country, and welcome the New Year at a festive event.

To find the best spots to enjoy some winter fun, an expert panel has nominated their 20 favorites in each of three categories. Now, it’s your turn to decide the winners by voting for your top picks. Voting is open until Monday, December 4 at noon ET, and you can vote once per day, per category.

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Best Destination for Snow

Whether you want to build a snowman or ski down a mountain, there's a snowy destination for youWhether you want to build a snowman or ski down a mountain, there’s a snowy destination for you — Photo courtesy of buzzanimation / E+

When winter rolls around, there’s something magical about seeing everything covered in glistening snow. The cold, crisp air and snow-covered scenery make curling up by a fire all the more cozy. Not to mention, there are so many opportunities to enjoy fun winter activities, like snowshoeing, skiing, ice skating, sledding, or just going for an enchanting sleigh ride.

These 20 locations have been selected by an expert panel as the best destinations in the United States for snow because they offer lots of winter activities, gorgeous snow globe landscapes, and, of course, plenty of snow!

Which winter wonderland would you most like to visit?

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Best Ice Skating Rink

Which ice skating rink is your favorite?Which ice skating rink is your favorite? — Photo courtesy of svetikd / E+

Throughout the United States, the winter season offers the opportunity for people to slip on ice skates and glide across frozen water at top-notch skating rinks. With venues typically opening in November and December, ice skating can also be a fun festive activity, accentuated by holiday tunes and twinkling lights.

These 20 ice skating rinks have been nominated by an expert panel as the best in the country for providing superior ice skating experiences. From nostalgic outdoor rinks to venues with Olympic history, each one offers something special.

Which ice skating rink would you most like to skate at?

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Best New Year’s Eve Drop

Which New Year's Eve drop do you think is the best?Which New Year’s Eve drop do you think is the best? — Photo courtesy of Eva-Katalin / E+

Welcoming a new year means reflection, anticipation, and, most often, celebration for many people across the country. And one of the most popular traditions for this festive event is the New Year’s Eve drop, which involves a large object descending at the stroke of midnight.

These 20 New Year’s Eve drops have been nominated by travel editors as the best in the United States, each offering their own spin on the occasion with unique items being lowered.

Which New Year’s Eve drop would you most like to attend?

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Remember, you can vote once per day in each category. The 10 nominees with the most votes in each category will be announced on Friday, December 15.

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