What To Do In Santorini

What To Do In Santorini

Splintered by a volcanic eruption that took place eons ago, Santorini is one of Greece’s most ruggedly beautiful islands. It’s a destination defined by its views, wines, and its black sand beaches. It offers much to the curious traveller, but sadly, it’s often impossible to do everything in one visit.

Just booked a flight to Santorini? Need suggestions on how to make your upcoming holiday special? In this blog, we’ll share our best recommendations.  

Check Out Santorini’s Cultural And Historical Sights

Not long after arriving, it’s tempting to lay back in your sun lounger, drink in hand. Before you do that, make time to check out some of Santorini’s best historical sights.

Start with the prehistoric city of Akrotiri. According to archaeologists, these ancient Minoan ruins were abandoned in 16th century BC. This event matches up with the massive Theran volcanic eruption, which irreversibly altered the landscape of Santorini. Some theorize the legendary city of Atlantis was lost in this event, although, no evidence has ever been found to support this theory.

Next, make your way over to the ruins of Thera. Unlike Akrotiri, Thera was founded in the 9th century BC by colonists from Sparta and was abandoned in the 8th century AD after a volcanic event.  

Sail Around The Island

As good as Santorini looks on land, it’s even more stunning from the water. On Santorini, numerous agencies rent sailboats, but Zizoo Boats offers the best selection. 

Once you select your vessel, head out on a glorious adventure. From the water, you’ll be privy to amazing views of cliffs, but that’s isn’t all. You’ll also get access to a hot spring and beaches that are very hard to reach overland.

Relax On The Beach (Or By The Pool)

After an action-packed day out on the water, go ahead – spend a lazy day on the beach/by the pool. In summer, Santorini experiences hot, dry weather. There is no better way to spend these days than by sipping your drink of choice on a sun lounger. If you need to cool off, relief is only steps away!

If you venture beyond your hotel, which beach should you choose? First off, don’t expect white sand – Santorini is a volcanic isle, so all beaches are composed of black sand/pebbles. 

With that cleared up, those looking for amenities will like Kamari Beach, while those seeking peace & quiet will prefer Perivolos Beach. Backpackers will feel at home on Perissa Beach, while families will love Monolithos Beach for its shallows and chill nature.

Sample Some Of Santorini’s Best Wine

Santorini’s massive eruptions may have scarred it, but it has also blessed it with fertile soils. Set aside one day to explore some of this isle’s finest wineries. If you are short on time, visit Santowines Winery. This outlet represents all growers on Santorini, giving it a wide selection of wines to try.

If you go out visiting wineries, be sure to include Gavalas Winery. It’s true – this farm doesn’t compare to the fancier estates you’ll see. However, the history of this family-run operation, stretching back more than a century, makes this spot a must-visit. You’ll walk through subterranean caverns and taste wines made from rare Santorini grapes. In-season, you may even get to see workers foot-crushing grapes!

Watch The Sunset From Oia

No visit to Santorini is complete without witnessing this spectacle once. Arrive well in advance of sunset for prime spots, as viewpoints in Oia get crammed with tourists in high season.

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