What to do if you get injured while traveling

What to do if you get injured while traveling

We all hope that we never suffer an accident or injury while traveling. Unfortunately though, these things can happen, which is why it’s always important to be prepared and insured in case you’re lumbered with unexpected medical bills. Here are some top tips for what to do if you get injured overseas:

Make sure you’re insured

If you live in the US you will likely have domestic medical insurance, but your existing insurance may not cover you if you’re traveling abroad. Always check your policy to see what’s covered, and sign up for travel medical insurance if you need it.

Seek help

When in doubt, always seek help. It’s better to be on the safe side and seek treatment immediately. Incidences where you might need medical help abroad might include car accidents, water sports injuries, animal bites or food poisoning. Always document your injury/illness and save receipts.

Know who to contact

Before you travel, write down the telephone numbers for your domestic insurance policy as well as your travel insurance policy. Save the details of the nearest medical facility to your hotel, or check if your hotel has an English-speaking doctor on call.

Want advice from the experts? The below infographic by Nolan Law Group shows you exactly what to do if you are injured while traveling:

Provided by Nolan Law Group a Chicago brain inury law firm

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