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Villas and Tuscany: An alternative holiday in Italy

Villas and Tuscany: An alternative holiday in Italy

Tuscany in the Summer is not only synonymous with white beaches and blue sea, touristic hotels and resorts. Tuscany is also forests, peaks, and hills to be explored and, regarding the accommodation, luxurious villas and Tuscany could be a winning duo. This is why there are inviting alternatives to spend a Summer in this region. Let’s see this in detail.

Abetone: Thrilling itineraries and delicious routes

Tuscany presents hills and mountains, first of all Abetone. Located in the province of Pistoia, on the border with Emilia Romagna, Abetone is a renowned tourist destination both in Winter and in Summer. With high-level ski resorts, with ski lifts recently renovated to guarantee state-of-the-art service, this mountain has earned itself a top position in the list of lovers of trekking and outdoor sports. During a hike here, you can experience breathtaking views and taste delicious blackberries and blueberries.

The impressive scenery of the Apuan Alps

These mountains, that look a little bit eroded and abandoned, have the power to surprise tourists and not only with their imposing and precious mass. They hide the famous marble quarries that make this place famous all over the world. The Apuan Alps divide the Versilia from the Garfagnana offering various itineraries to follow. In addition to hiking in the woods of the Apuan Alps to reach the peaks, you can visit the marble quarries, or places like Colonnata, where the famous lard is produced. Moreover, Versilia is very close, as is the Garfagnana on the other side, where unexpected natural wonders will show a Tuscany that is perhaps less touristy, but certainly no less beautiful and fascinating. Always talking about a less touristy Tuscany, instead of choosing well known resorts and hotels, most of the time fully booked and full of people, a solution can be to choose one of the villas and Tuscany will take on a new light completely.  

Pratomagno: The terrace overlooking Tuscany

Staying in the area of the province of Florence, we find the Pratomagno, a panoramic destination that gives visitors unique and breathtaking views up to the mountains that separate Umbria from the Marche, other two Italian regions. A very popular destination for hikers and two-wheel lovers, the Pratomagno also lends itself well to other types of adrenaline and outdoor activities, such as free flight. It also offers various possibilities for naturalistic and cultural itineraries. The Casentino valley is located right at the end of the eastern slope and is reachable by a scenic road that is worth taking. Florence and Arezzo are practically on the doorstep, if you have an uncontrollable and urgent thirst for art, culture, and history.

This is the end of our short journey among unusual destinations and alternative routes in Tuscany. In order to experience a perfect and splendid stay in the region, you can choose among the many villas and Tuscany will be forever in your heart. And by the way, at least one day, our suggestion is to go to one of the beautiful white beaches in the region. Of course, they are a typical tourist attraction full of people, but they have their charm anyway and a visit is always worth it.

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