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Villa Orian: Where to stay in Paros

If you’re having your getaway at the Greek Island of Paros, you’d have to match it with accommodation that will pull at your heart-strings.  What about a luxury villa in the eastern coast, with a breathtaking view, good home-made food, a cozy and serene set-up.  Sounds like the perfect holiday.

At Villa Orian, you can enjoy all of these and more.  Enjoy your stay in the island and come home to relax and unwind in this serene home-away-from-home 375m/s villa.  

Sit back and relax on its one-level, expansive sun terrace, which offers a picturesque, panoramic view of all the beautiful hues of the island: the cool greens of the valley and orchards, the infinite blues of the sky and sea, and the immaculately white architectural structures that dot the coast.  Sunrise and sunsets would definitely be memorable.

With its very own outdoor infinity pool (an impressive 20x5m with adjustable temperatures), you can have a leisurely dip, a cool view, and great barbeque too.  It has an outdoor kitchen, dining area and a bar.  Perfect for family gatherings.  Or enjoy an intimate set-up with your love as there’s a separate studio room with a private terrace, and just next to the pool and kitchenette.

Whipping up something special for the family is a real treat in this villa, especially if you have a wonderful view of the sea.  You can even pick your own organic herbs and vegetables straight from the garden just outside your kitchen doors.

Speaking of garden, have a relaxing stroll in the orchard, right there in the property.  Have your pick of grapes, apricots and lemons.  Tap into your inner child, as you’ll never be as close to nature as here in this little piece of heaven.

The entire architecture was designed with the family in mind.  Easy to access, with a lot of space for movement and relaxation.  Perfect for kids and old alike.  And for your aesthetic pleasure, the spacious, modern yet warm feel of the rooms will make you feel right at home.   Feel the vibe of Parian culture with minimalist but elegant interior works and décor.

Still, with all this homey vibe, it boasts of the conveniences of high-class service and modern amenities.  Round the clock front desk service, Free WiFi and internet access, flat-screen TV, air-conditioning and heating systems, fully equipped kitchen, washing machine, and so on.  

Luxury in all its simplicity and beauty, indeed a rare find here in Villa Orian.

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