“I’m only flying Southwest now.”


A passenger’s video has gone viral for swearing off Spirit Airlines after capturing an employee putting tape on the wing of her aircraft before takeoff.


In the video, posted by TikToker myhoneysmacks, an airline worker can be seen doing quick maintenance to the aircraft’s left wing while sitting on the tarmac at Nashville International Airport.


“The reason why I don’t fly with Spirit,” the TikToker said. “I don’t care if it is aviation airplane tape or nothing, the fact that you have to tape the plane together and then you doing it while people are on the flight like we cannot see you.”


She goes on: “That’s the reason why I will not fly with Spirit, now Southwest I’ll do, but Spirit no sir.


“After a while, they’re going to need a fresh new roll of tape, their tapes gonna lose all its stickiness, you flying all around the world and you got tape holding it together. Don’t even worry about it, I won’t be booking with you.”


The video went viral on social media, amounting to over 1.6 million views and 10,000 comments.


Spirit Airlines received floods of criticism in the comments section, however, it was later revealed that they were using speed tape, a heavy-duty, self-adhesive tape designed for temporary and minor repairs involving high-speed applications, like planes.


Some TikTok users who have a background in aviation reassured the original poster that it was completely normal for Speed Tape to be used on a aircraft.


“I’m an airplane mechanic every and I mean every airline uses speed tape on planes. And yes we routinely have to apply it after each flight,” user benstandifer commented before adding “Southwest will do the exact same, as well as United and American.”


“This is called Speed Tape used to perform minor repairs on airplanes. Every airline uses it including Southwest,” another user pointed out.


Some other commentators were still displeased to see a maintenance worker use the tape as passengers watch from inside the cabin.


“Why are you still sitting in the plane!!!!,” one person said while another claimed “Baby I would’ve RAN off the plane! And got my money back.”


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