Update-7 Tips How to Travel with Your Dog

Update-7 Tips How to Travel with Your Dog

Update-7 Tips How to Travel with Your Dog

A very sad story in the Washington Post covered the death of a young woman in her twenties and her beloved dog. On a road trip down Highway 95, there was a minor traffic accident.  Although the driver and pet were uninjured, the dog broke free and ran into the highway.  The owner ran to rescue her dog, and both were killed.  Having had 7 dogs in my lifetime, the last 4 rescues, I can understand how other pet owners want to take their dog with them almost everywhere.  Unfortunately, without planning ahead, that can be a danger to both.

I once made the mistake of driving in my car with my two dogs loose.  They started to fight and I jumped a curb going 30 miles an hour. Luckily, we were all safe, but I just missed a light pole. Driving is just not a time for sudden distractions!

Here are seven tips to consider for travel with your dog.

Travel with Your Dog: Secure your dog/Plan ahead:

Tip One: Use a K-9 seatbelt/halter or crate.

Tip Two: Don’t leave your dog in the car. Heat can kill quickly even in mild weather.

Tip Three: Check out the best “rest stops” for K-9’s.

Consider Other Options.

Tip Four: Research safest ways to fly your dog.

International Travel Requirements for your Dog.

Tip Five: Watch out for K-9 visas/quarantines if you are traveling abroad.

Tip Six: Even if your hotel allows dogs, what about sights, beaches and restaurants? A lonely dog may howl all day!

Travel with Your Dog: Plan Ahead:

Tip Seven: Pack your dog’s food before leaving home. Even if there are delectable dog treats at K-9 friendly lodgings, a change of diet can mean “accidents” although your host’s rugs and floors! (Don’t even think about what could happen in the elevator!)

For other options, “See Spot Sail”.

When you are on the go, you don’t have to leave your best friend at home on your road trips. Do plan ahead to keep both of you safe, and make it a great trip.

To keep your best friend safe at home or on travel, check out Human Food Your Dogs Can And Can Not Eat .

While you are still home, for ways to have fun for you and your dog, see Outdoor Activities You and Your Dog Should Share.    For the original post in full,  please go to this link.

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