Up Your Game: Using Emojis to Have Better Communication

Up Your Game: Using Emojis to Have Better Communication

Televisions, desktops, laptops, and smartphones. Every gadget ever created with a digital screen now has these little digital images or icons representing a thing, an expression, or even an idea. The emojis are standardized images built into gadgets that help people express their thoughts, feelings, and ideas hard to describe in words alone.

As the years go by, since the first-ever emoji created, people have been creating numerous ways to use emojis. In the age of smartphones, the emojis are used to show what the user wants to express quickly. However, in recent years, emojis are merely used to make a conversation more interesting. Here are some emojis you can use in your conversation.

Moon Emoji

The moon emoji could mean different things. It could mean that you’re enjoying wandering around at night. It can also express something romantic as there’s nothing more romantic than stargazing with the moon shining as bright as possible. There are also different emojis of the moon, showing the different phases of the moon.

Sun Emoji

This Sun icon is another emoji to describe your beach or summer holiday with all your friends and family. With this emoji, you can convey your experience at the beach. It’s as though you loved your summer break or feel hot in summer. This can also express how hot it is outside.

Sunrise Emoji

This sunrise emoji represents a sun emerging across the ocean. The emoji can be applied to photos that express how someone is enjoying their time watching the sunrise, admiring the beauty, and enjoying being alive. 

Wave Emoji

An emoji that shows some water waves expresses how they see the ocean, especially when there’s water rising or going up. Surfing, summer, and the beach is usually associated with it. People use this icon whenever they take photos of the ocean, the water park, or just a swimming pool in the summer.

Wave Surfer Emoji

The emoji that shows a person surfing the ocean waves can be represented as a person who is having the best time of his/her life. Surfing is one reason people come to the beach; it’s an enjoyable sport that any person can do. Implementing this emoji to a surfing photo can show that you’ve tried surfing or have done it for a long time.

OK Emoji

If appropriately implemented, the OK emoji can be very subtle and flirty at the same time. Some people who receive this emoji may see it as something else. When you interact with somebody, the information will benefit you if you want to get things moving. You won’t realize what will hit them because if they did, it will be a pleasant talk!

You will first provide the correct response to use this emoji more effectively. Set up all the things. Start with the innocent ‘How are you?’ then scale with ‘Maybe we should go outside tonight’ and end with an emoji of the OK hands. If you are asked what you’re trying to say, let them look it up and wait and see how they would respond.

Palm Tree Emoji

A palm tree is commonly found on beaches and some other tropical lands. It may portray a warm environment or a holiday at a tropical location or beach resorts in the summer. After a trip to the beach, use this emoji to show how enjoyable your day was. You may even claim you absolutely can not wait for the next beach holiday in summer.

Beach and Umbrella Emoji

This emoji is represented by an icon that looks like the beach and an umbrella in the middle. It can mean different things, such as the beginning of summer or going out to enjoy the beach. You can use this icon whenever you want to invite someone to go with you, or you can apply this emoji in your photos at the beach with your family and friends.

The beach and umbrella emoji can also express how eager you are to go to the beach. It’s the perfect representation of how much you’re looking forward to enjoying your day at the beach.

The Bikini Emoji

The emoji showing a set of bikinis is usually related to summer, vacations, or going to the beach for a day. Female users commonly use it as it describes the outfit they will wear once they get to the beach. Users can apply this emoji to the caption on their photos showing their bikini bodies as it enhances the social media post.


In this technological age, people are using emojis to express almost everything that they can from what you’re feeling, to where you are. The emojis can replace a couple of words with a single icon, and people would still get what you’re trying to say. However, an all emoji message is a whole different story.

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