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Unexpected Solo Travel-5 Tips on Going Alone

Unexpected Solo Travel-5 Tips on Going Alone: Right when you are dusting off your passport, you find you travel  mate has to cancel. It can be as a result of a job, an accident or illness or a family issue. In that case, you may find as I have that you are a solo traveler once again or even for the first time.  It is unlike when you plan from the start to go alone. A double booking or joint trip plan that falls apart takes some new planning.

Unexpected Solo Travel-5 Tips on Going Alone:

Here are some of my personal tips:

Tip One:

Check all joint bookings. Be sure that cancelling one out of the two does not also delete your reservation!

Tip Two:

For lodgings, go back to the original reservation. Then change “one room, two adults” to “one room, one adult”. In Europe alone, that can give you up to a 40% discount.

Tip Three:

Ask yourself: Do you want to change your choice/type of room? Do you want one bed not two beds? How about a studio not a standard double?

Tip Four:

If you have reserved a car abroad, do you have an international driver’s license? (In the US, AAA will issue these with the proper ID even if you are not a member.) If not, go to the Internet and research buses, planes and trains.

Tip Five:

If you would rather cancel the trip, does your insurance coverage allow you to do so?  Key coverage issues to consider: What reasons for cancellation are covered? Do you meet their time requirements?  What deposits have you paid to date? Can you reschedule rather than cancel?

Tip Six:

Think about safety. Don’t take so much to carry that you can’t move away quickly  in an emergency.

Tip Seven:

Take more cash or access to emergency funds.

Tip Eight:

Check in daily via Wi-Fi with friends or family back home that can track your journey.

Tip Nine:

For sports, always have a buddy system at home or abroad. Solo hiking can be dangerous if you sprain an ankle and can’t get back to home or your lodging. Check out local groups you can join. For skiing, take part in a class from Novice to Expert to meet others you can join to hit the slopes.

Top Ten:

Take a new day trip each day to explore the region and have a second chance at meeting fellow solos.

For more information on staying safe, see our tips on Staying Healthy Abroad .

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