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Traveling for Business? What to Pack

Packing for a business trip can be tricky, and even more challenging than for a holiday vacation. You leave your home thinking you’ve got everything you need, and then realize once you get to the airport that you forgot your travel itinerary.

Things can get even more confusing if you don’t know how much time you’ll spend working and whether there will be social activities to attend to. A single mistake can throw a wrench in the whole trip. Overcome unneeded stress with this business travel packing checklist.

Travel Documents

Always start with the most important items as some items if left out can defeat the purpose of the trip. In this case, start with your travel documents. Place hotel confirmations, airline reservations, and passport in a separate folder for quick and easy access.

If you’re traveling overseas, note that some countries will not allow you entry if you don’t provide evidence of when you intend to leave the country. It’s therefore important to bring a copy of your travel itinerary.

Office Supplies

Office supplies are what differentiates a business trip from a holiday vacation. Pack a notebook, pens, paper clips, and sticky pads into your briefcase. Don’t pack the entire office store in your briefcase—just the accessories you’ll need during the trip.

You’ll also want to raise brand awareness and present your company in the best way possible. So make sure to use branded products, such as promotional pens that have your logo or brand name printed.


If you’ll be traveling for more than one day, consider packing a comfortable travel outfit. Since this is a business trip, make sure to pack apparel ideal for the corporate world.

A lightweight carry-on bag should fit a suit, blazer or jacket, and a good collection of business attire. Also, make sure to pack at least 2 pairs of shoes, pajamas, and one lightweight exercise outfit. The most important thing is to pack clothes that make you feel comfortable and confident.


Pack shampoo, hairbrush, deodorant, face lotion, toothbrush, toothpaste, make-up, and feminine hygiene products in a resealable plastic bag.

If you’re traveling by air, keep toiletry restrictions in mind when packing. All liquids and gels must not exceed 3 ounces and should be packed in quart-size plastic or toiletry bags. Make sure to put them in an easy to access place, as you’ll need to remove them at the security checkpoints.

Tech Accessories

Tech accessories are a must have items on your trip. Among them, you’ll need a laptop, laptop charger, smartphone, smartphone charger, iPod, etc. Also, bring some Bluetooth earbuds to stay connected when driving or walking around the airport.

Relaxation Aids

Traveling can be tiresome, especially if you’re on the road for long hours. So comfort yourself by bringing items that can help you feel at home.

For example, a good book can help you pass long hours of waiting or traveling. Rather than going fictional, it’s better to bring a business book. The best business books can help you expand your mental capabilities, improve yourself, and discover new ways to do things.

What other packing tips do you have for business trips? Share them with us in the comments section below.

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